What Are the Best Employee Feedback Tracking Tools?

Understanding the company’s culture or the way employees feel about the organization can be crucial to its success. While organizations have been using manual feedback gathering processes to understand employees’ concerns, they are inflexible and outdated.

An employee feedback tracking tool augments what the manual feedback tracking process lacks. It measures each employee’s motivation, commitment, happiness and involvement in their work, helping organizations retain employees and boost their productivity.

What are the Benefits of Using an Employee Feedback Tracking Tools?

An employee feedback tracking tool lets you keep your employees aligned with the organization’s vision. Here are additional benefits of employee feedback tools.

Increases employee engagement

Employee feedback tracking tools help employees put their thoughts and opinions out to management and communicate joys and concerns efficiently. It allows employees and management to collaborate, brainstorm ideas and solve problems. When employees feel they are part of a bigger picture, they are more engaged towards building your organization’s success.

Improves retention rates

If your employees feel disconnected from the organization or unrecognized for their job performance, they might walk away from their jobs. The employee feedback tool provides more ways to connect with employees, receive continuous feedback and unlock opportunities to grow. It also helps organizations recognize and reward their higher-performing employees.

Tracks personal and professional growth of employees

Employee feedback tracking tools offer means to conduct real-time surveys, provide continuous feedback, offer support and encourage employees for personal and professional growth. These methods can be vital to propel employee development.

What to Look for in the Best Employee Feedback Tracking Tools

While implementing an employee feedback tracking tool can increase employee involvement and engagement, there are a few factors to consider before deciding on the best tool. Here are a few of them.

Anonymous feedback

Non-anonymous feedback leaves employees vulnerable, leading to inaccurate results. To gather honest feedback, organizations must give employees the freedom to open up and stay anonymous. Anonymous feedback gives you an accurate report of the team’s mutual feeling and their overall work experience. Look for the feedback tracking tools that allow anonymous feedback tracking.

Feedback categories

Employee feedback categories vary and include diverse methods like 360-degree employee review, continuous feedback and performance evaluation, to name a few. These categories help management identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses, take corrective measures and promote a healthy workplace culture. The tool of your choice should offer various feedback categories you can choose.

Easy integration

Organizations want to integrate the feedback from the tools with their existing HRM modules and project management tools to power up the results of employee feedback. Check if you can integrate the tool with your current systems to enhance your workflow.

Fully automated

Monitoring and improving employee feedback is easier when automated. It allows management to send feedback surveys and reports automatically at a defined time period. Ensure your tracking tool automates the feedback process and provides actionable insights and data-driven results to move your team to reach higher milestones.

The Best Employee Feedback Tracking Tools

To get you started gathering employee feedback, here’s a list of best employee feedback tracking tools:


15Five is a continuous employee performance management software that prioritizes unlocking best employee performance. Employees take 15 minutes to answer a survey from their managers, which managers can review in 5 minutes. 

From employee engagement surveys through 1-on-1s to OKRs, 15Five offers complete solutions to uncover your employees’ challenges and help you make better decisions. It also provides an accurate insight into your employee’s performance, generates better insights and empowers teams to thrive.

Despite 15Five’s easy-to-use set-up functionality, navigating between sections can be challenging.

15Five has 3 paid pricing plans:Basic starting at $7 per user per month, Plus starting at $14 per user per month and Performance for custom pricing needs.

Rating: 4.7 stars


Officevibe empowers managers to strengthen trust, collaboration and team performance. It gathers insights from the team to help you identify opportunities to increase its efficiency. It also points out any challenges your employees might be facing.

Officevibe has a free basic plan to get you started. It allows the manager to automatically send weekly Pulse surveys, collect anonymous feedback and collaborate with team members. You can easily integrate Officevibe with Teams, Google, Slack or O365.

Officevibe is not customizable enough and doesn’t provide great control over the questions you can send to your employees.

It has a free basic plan. Its Premium plan starts at $4 per user per month.

Rating: 4.6 stars


TINYpulse is a cloud-based employee engagement tool that provides real-time employee feedback. It lets you create employee surveys to determine employee happiness, engagement and dissatisfaction.

TINYpulse streamlines your communication process with transparency and accountability, building trust between your organization and employees. It empowers employees to give anonymous feedback and find the root cause of problems. Management can also get a deeper insight into the reason behind employee retention or turnover.

This tool requires an organization to have strategy and coordination in place to generate valuable results. Any organization in its early phase can’t leverage its potential to the fullest.

TINYpulse offers a 30-day free trial. Its price plans are available on request.

Rating: 4.4 stars


Kudos focuses on employee recognition, continuous feedback and communication. It is a platform that boosts employee relationships and helps to strengthen organizational culture. 

Kudos empowers employees in over 80 countries through peer-to-peer recognition and increases employee retention. It supports a range of integrations, facilitates real-time employee feedback and unifies your team across multiple geographic areas.

You can face occasional connectivity issues and longer delays before a Kudo gets delivered when using Kudos.

Its prices are available on request.

Rating: 4.8 stars

Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway is a multilayered employee engagement platform that enables you to streamline employee communication, employee surveys, employee recognition and rewards. It’s an all-in-1 platform that helps small to large enterprises bring together teams to improve engagement over time.

Reward Gateway offers a dedicated hub for employee wellbeing, discount programs, user-friendly mobile applications and third-party integrations. Using Reward Gateway, an organization can provide ways for employees to save money while providing access to products and services that could otherwise be inaccessible.

You can face delays when trying to get in touch with Reward Gateway’s customer support, and their mobile application can use a bit of makeover.

You can schedule a demo to discover more about Reward Gateway and its plans.

Rating: 4.5 stars

Enhance Your Organization Culture with Employee Feedbacks 

Hearing employee feedback improves the company’s work culture and employee retention. Employee feedback tracking can be an excellent way to carefully listen to your employees’ voices and gain actionable insights. 

Implementing the right tools will make this task easier. We suggest evaluating each employee feedback tracking tool carefully before deciding on the best tool for your organization.