Best Employee Engagement Software

Employee engagement software is a tool used by an organization to measure employee collaboration data and analyze the company processes all while helping organizations understand their employees. 

Employee engagement software helps companies find critical decisions like burnout index and resignation prediction based on their employees’ current workflow and satisfaction. These decisions, in turn, help the companies make choices that help their employees be more productive and stay in the organization.

What Factors Make a Good Employee Engagement Software?

There are some must-haves in good employee engagement software. Its main goal should be to develop and grow employees to become more productive and increase retention. Here are a few factors that the best employee engagement software should have.

Pulse Surveys

Pulse surveys are an excellent way to regularly check up on your employees. The employee engagement tool sends these surveys regularly to know every employee’s current satisfaction, goals, etc.

A good employee engagement software allows you to customize these surveys and provides pre-built templates to send out. You should also be able to send surveys catering to each individual or for the entire organization.

Goal Setting

A good employee engagement software allows employees to set personal goals and regularly check on them. When the employee engagement software analyzes the survey results, it notifies if the employees have met their goals.

Recognition and Appreciation

When employees’ work gets recognized and appreciated, it gives them a huge morale boost, increasing their productivity. Employee engagement tools provide certifications, badges and notes to the employees for completing their tasks. On top of that, these tools also congratulate employees on their major life events like anniversaries or birthdays.


A good engagement tool also has a gamification feature. An employee can unlock achievements, play games, quizzes and engage more with the software. The gamification process makes the overall survey experience enjoyable and entertaining.

Reports and Dashboards

Dashboards are essential for an easy workflow. Most of the time in good employee engagement software, you can view the current state of surveys and the results. You can also analyze the organizational results, which helps you understand more about employee satisfaction, employee engagement, etc.

The Best Employee Engagement Software

Here are some of the best employee engagement software available right now.


Best for: All-in-one capabilities

Officevibe is a simple workforce development software. It is one of the best tools to measure collaboration between employees and their satisfaction level all while measuring the team’s performance.

Officevibe relies on pulse surveys to gather feedback from the employees on work culture. On top of that, it also allows the participants to reply with written feedback. Probably one of its best features is the option to remain completely anonymous in the surveys and feedback.

The reporting feature in Officevibe is also better. The management gets a comprehensive report at the end of every chosen period; the participants also get a summary report from Officevibe. These reports also provide actionable suggestions rendering the outcome more beneficial to both management and the participants. If you are looking for free employee engagement software, Officevibe could also be your option.

Pricing: Premium – $4 per user per month. An organization with more than 1000 users will have to contact its sales team.

Culture Amp

Best for: Pulse surveys

Culture Amp is another employee engagement tool that helps with employee growth, involvement and decision making. It provides tools for pulse surveys, employee engagement and performance appraisal.

With different templates available at your will, you can customize the surveys to fit your company’s demographic. You can also compare the survey findings against more than 60 benchmarks from other organizations. 

You can predict employee turnover with Culture Amp. Culture Amp supports 60+ languages for the surveys. 

Pricing: You will have to contact their sales team.


Best for: Employee motivation

15five is another employee management tool that allows you to gain insights into your employees’ performance, prepare reports and make decisions based on the results.

Like its competitors, it provides tools for surveys, survey templates and customizable surveys. It also allows you to have more than 30 benchmarks for your surveys.

15five helps you reinforce positivity in teams and individuals through its carefully catered tools. 15five measures employee satisfaction using Full Potential Index – rooted in 4 psychological sciences. You can also manage the employees’ objectives and key results.

Pricing: Basic – $7 per user per month, Plus – $14 per user per month. If you want their Performance subscription, you will have to contact their sales team.

Lattice Performance Management

Best for: Integration with other employee management software

Lattice Performance Management allows you to analyze your employee engagement and monitor the teams. Along with surveying features, Lattice Performance Management also integrates performance management tools, making it an all-in-one robust employee management tool.

You can view the results, track changes, and analyze the decisions through Lattice Performance Management. It provides a vision for your KPIs, allowing you to formulate your plans accordingly.

Pricing: Performance – $9 per user per month, Performance and Engagement – $12 per user per month. For information on their Enterprise plan, contact them.

Best for: Passive employee collaboration data is one of the newest employee engagement software. They use an AI-powered engine to analyze employee data and assist in employee development. differentiates itself from the traditional employee engagement software. They use the pulse surveys and active collaboration data to figure out employee wellbeing. On top of that, they also maintain Organizational Network Analytics that helps them define an employee’s productivity and progress within the company. also offers intuitive reports to both the management and the employees. These reports provide details of the participation that can help the employee better themselves and the organization to promote employee happiness.

Pricing: You will have to discuss the pricing with their sales team.


Best for: Work culture improvement

Energage primarily focuses on the organization’s work culture. It provides different tools and features that converge to enhance the employees’ experience and continuously improve the work culture. You can create and pulse surveys and customize templates according to your needs.

Energage also makes its tools fun to use. People are rewarded with badges and awards when they complete the surveys. A solid all-rounder, Energage integrates the four fundamental tools: pulse surveys, insights, workplace surveys and branding.

Pricing: Requires you to contact them

Happy Employees Are More Productive

If you oversee an organization, your top priority must be your employees. Without dedicated and hard-working employees, the workplace becomes unproductive. An employee management tool helps you see how your employees are doing and helps you make decisions to better their lives in and out of the workplace.