Best Email Marketing Services

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Email marketing can contribute significantly to your marketing strategies by generating leads, increasing brand awareness, building client relationships, and retaining customers by driving engagement. However, conducting email marketing campaigns can be time-consuming when done manually.

Through email marketing services, you can integrate marketing automation to send new and personalized emails to existing and potential customers and target an audience to effectively sell your products/services. Learn about the best email marketing services now.

Benefits of Using Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services let you automate marketing. Here are a few more benefits of using email marketing services.


Compared to mainstream marketing channels, email marketing services can be more affordable. It does not demand a significant budget, yet the return on investment on every dollar spent can be $38 to$44. Moreover, email marketing services are straightforward to use and usually don’t have a massive learning curve.


Email marketing services allow you to reach customers and leads directly, providing room for a personal touch. You can also target users from various demographics, income levels, and interests, creating a powerful channel to promote your products and services.

Lead nurturing

When people subscribe to your emails, you’ll have an email list of potentially interested leads. You can use this list to reach an audience who have willingly opted to learn about your products. Through email marketing services, you can establish their areas of interest and adjust your email campaigns to pitch your products and services better. 


Email marketing services let you measure the performance of your email marketing campaigns effortlessly. They have a built-in analytics tool for comprehensive insights into key metrics like audience demographics, email statistics, and product targeting. With analytics, you can improve the performance of your campaigns and grow your business faster.

What to Look For in the Best Email Marketing Services

You can find comprehensive and robust email marketing tools on the market. Look for the following features in your next email marketing tool.

Easy integration

Integrating a good email marketing service into existing apps and systems should be easy. If you are using a customer relationship management system (CRM) and your business uses those contacts to email clients, choose an email marketing tool to automate email activities, allowing you to integrate seamlessly. 

Built-in CAN-SPAM compliance 

CAN-SPAM compliant emails are easily identifiable, easy to read, and do not use questionable tactics to build an audience list. Such emails allow recipients to contact you directly and unsubscribe themselves from your email list. Your email marketing tools should have the CAN-SPAM compliance policy built-in to ensure the safety of your consumers’ data.

Advanced list maintenance

Granular audience list maintenance is necessary for the proper segmentation of your contact lists. Good email marketing services enable hyper-segmentation of subscribers lists, letting you create highly targeted and personalized commercial email content to increase and retain customer engagement.

Reporting and analytics

The best email marketing service must have comprehensive analytics that provide in-depth statistics and insights into your email campaigns’ performance. It should offer detailed yet simple analytics reports on critical metrics like lead conversions, click-through rate, email opening rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rates and email interactions.

Best Email Marketing Services

Based on the features above, Benzinga lists some of the Best Email Marketing Services on the market.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the easiest and beginner-friendly email marketing services. It offers over 400 apps and integrations that can benefit small businesses and niche markets.

Pros: Constant Contact lets you sell digital products, integrate with social media campaigns, and schedule posts. It can even create logos. In addition, this tool offers a selection of commerce and event integration features like registrations and ticketing.

Cons: You will find hidden costs to almost everything with Constant Contact. Each feature you add to your service will cost you more. Plus, it doesn’t offer sophisticated automation, advanced workflows, and highly flexible templates.

Best For: Small businesses who also manage events

Price: It offers 2 plans – Email and Email Plus. The Email plan starts at $20 per month for 500 subscribers and costs $335 per month for 50,000 subscribers. Its Email Plus plan costs $45 to $335 per month, depending on your subscription lists. It also has a 60-day free trial limited to 100 contacts.


Mailchimp may be the most popular email marketing service on the market. With a built-in CRM, Mailchimp provides you a complete email marketing solution. It has a simple aesthetic and a powerful editor.  

Pros: Mailchimp offers impressive features to both beginners and advanced users. It has drag-and-drop design tools and supports dynamic content, email automation, sign-up forms and advanced segmentation. It also offers a generous freemium plan and can serve as an appointment scheduling software and an online store builder. Plus, it has a comprehensive reporting system that you can easily integrate with Google Analytics.

Cons: Although it features a powerful editor, its built-in email template can be uninspiring. It also revises the prices with modifications, making it unsuitable for everyone.

Best For: Businesses requiring an email solution with CRM features and native commerce features

Price: Its Essential plan costs $10 per month for 500 contacts, while the Standard plan costs $15 per month for 500 contacts. The Premium plan costs $311 per month for 10,000. These prices can change with the number of contacts. If you don’t want a paid subscription, you can also use its freemium plan.


Drip is a comparatively new email marketing service, providing a powerful enterprise-level email marketing tool with CRM. It is best suited for eCommerce, blogging and digital marketing.

Pros: Drip offers solid support for eCommerce business as a CRM platform. It has tailored its features for eCommerce campaigns and offers robust marketing automation tools with easy email builders, workflow management and extensive integration support. Its advanced eCommerce-focused tracking system can help you create unique customer journeys for your regular visitors and buyers.

Cons: Since it is a tool primarily made for eCommerce, it may not provide the best email marketing service for all niches. Plus, its form builder and email templates offer limited choices.

Best For: Small and medium eCommerce-focused businesses 

Price: Drip’s subscription cost depends on the number of contacts. Its plan starts at $19 per month for 500 contacts. It also offers a 14-day free trial.


ActiveCampaign’s advanced automation tools and robust reporting are top of its class. It boasts exciting features and integrations that can help you create sales funnels for converting more visitors.

Pros: ActiveCampaign lets you automate everything. Using conditional autoresponders, you can automate lists, contact management and deals. Its CRM also lets you set up appointments and send direct messages, which can improve the overall customer experience and create a sales funnel.

Cons: It has a cluttered dashboard that looks busy and may prove challenging to use. It is not a very beginner-friendly service.

Best For: Businesses requiring powerful marketing automation and multi-channel marketing 

Price: ActiveCampaign has four pricing tiers: Lite, Plus, Professional and Enterprise. The Lite plan starts at $15, Plus at $70, Professional at $159, and Enterprise at $275 per month for 500 contacts. These prices increase with the number of contacts.  


Sendinblue offers excellent email marketing services for small and medium businesses. It is a comprehensive marketing hub that delivers CRM services, automated marketing and transactional emails.

Pros: Sendinblue offers low-cost plans for comprehensive services. It has attractive features like email automation, workflow management, action-based campaign triggers and engagement analytics. It also provides an affordable SMS feature and HTML template builder.

Cons: Its built-in templates look dated. Plus, initial setup and data importing can be challenging for beginners.

Best For: eCommerce businesses on low budgets requiring transactional email marketing services 

Price: Sendinblue offers pay-as-you-go plans. Its Lite plan starts at $25 per month for 10,000 emails and Premium plan at $65 per month for 20,000 emails. It also has a customizable Enterprise plan and a free plan allowing up to 300 emails per day. All these plans support an unlimited number of contacts.

Automate Email Campaigns with Email Marketing Services

Choosing the best email marketing service for you can help your business get noticed by the right customers and be a solid marketing investment decision. However, the choice should depend on your business needs and the frequency of email campaigns. 

If you run a niche business, choose something like Drip that focuses on a niche market. If you want a powerful allrounder, choose MailChimp. If you’re going to send out a few emails, you can select any as most of their free versions let you send a few emails without any charges. So, consider your needs and start using an email marketing service now.