Best Dropshipping Suppliers

Dropshipping is its very own business model. The perk of dropshipping is you don’t have to deal with inventory, your own warehouse for storage and you don’t have to worry about being the one to ship out orders to your customers. Dropshipping is a fulfillment method where the store itself does not have to physically have the products they are selling in their own store or warehouse. 

Your business will work with a third-party supplier so when a sale is made, they will deal with the shipping and processing. Your company will never have to lay a hand on the product itself. Seems like the best of both worlds, right? 

How Does Dropshipping Work?

So, how does this business model work exactly? You are an entrepreneur, a business owner, and your customer places an order from your online store. After the order is placed on your site, your store automatically sends the order to your dropshipping supplier. Your drop shipper will then begin to prepare the order your customer has placed. When the order is finished being prepared the final step in this process will be your dropshipping supplier shipping out the completed order directly to the customer. 

How To Start Dropshipping

First and foremost, it is important to make sure you do your research when starting a dropshipping business. Not only will it be important to research the supplier you will be working with, but knowing more about what products are trending, who your competitors are and how to best market to your audience. 

In order to start dropping, you will need to be able to invest initially upfront. While you can try to go the free route, it is much harder. The financial obligations upfront may make it harder to start dropshipping as you may not have the money to buy in bulk to start. But, if you do, this will be one of the first steps. Assuming you already have your dropshipping business idea, next you will need to choose a supplier to work with.  

Best Worldwide Drop Shipping Suppliers

There are many great suppliers to work with such as Oberlo, AliDropship, Dropified, Sunrise Wholesale and Nordstrom. Understanding which third-party best suits your brand and the products you will be selling is crucial to a successful start. 

Keep reading to learn more about some of the best worldwide dropshipping suppliers that you might want to use for your own business.

Oberlo — Best Overall Dropshipping Supplier

With many categories to dropshipping, Oberlo is known to be one of the best suppliers in general due to being user-friendly and simple to navigate. Using Oberlo as your dropshipping supplier is easy and beneficial as it enables you to import your chosen products to your store and ship them straight to your customers. 

Another aspect that makes Oberlo one of the best is its dedication to helping people succeed no matter their professional level, financial status, or where they personally are on their eCommerce journey. This platform is very popular with its app connection through Shopify as well, making integration uncomplicated.

On the downside, Oberlo’s chat support is slow and its multi-store management can cause users a headache.

Oberlo offers three different pricing plans:

  1. Explorer
  • This plan offers two free digital learning courses and other educational material to read and listen to, and is completely free of charge. 
  1. Grad 
  • The Grad plan provides courses, coaching and trends reports and costs $7.90 per month.
  1. Boss
  • This Boss plan in Oberlo offers a wide range of eCommerce tools, costing $29.90 per month.  

AliDropship — Best Manufacturing and Dropshipping Supplier

AliDrop is well-known for being a powerful manufacturing and dropshipping supplier. Their platform allows individuals to start or expand their dropshipping business by selling products from AliExpress. The main reason why AliDropship is so popular is because a user can simply buy an already made dropshipping business through them, host their webpage or even just use their plugin for their own personal site.

Like Oberlo, AliDrop is also very user-friendly, being great for a beginner even with add-ins such as pre-built themes. The platform allows for easy installation and a simple product import. Pricing is also a benefit for this platform as there is only a one-time fee, and that fee is quite affordable. 

The cons include that there is only forum support and only two plugin versions.  

However, when weighing out the pros and cons, it is clear that using AliDropship for your dropshipping needs can be an exceptional choice. 

Dropified is a platform that helps you on your dropshipping journey by streamlining and automating your business. The platform allows a successful start off by providing you the tools to search, list and fulfill products on your eCommerce store. Dropified is popular for its integration with AliExpress, providing excellent features and support. 

Pros of Dropified include easy integration, access to AliExpress suppliers, its customer support and reasonable pricing. Cons for the platform include having limited automation when compared to other dropshipping suppliers, and the lack of FAQ’s on its website. 

There are three monthly pricing options and annual pricing plans for Dropified. Monthly, the platform starts off at $17 per month. The next monthly plan comes in at $97 per month. This plan is best for online entrepreneurs looking to build their own custom brand. The third monthly plan is called Dropified Black, priced at $297 per month with no transaction fees.

This plan is best for power eCommerce sellers with a higher volume of sales. Annual fees are slightly less than the monthly rates offered, yet still close in price. All plans also come with a 14-day free trial so you can get a better feel for what you want to commit to before being charged. 

Best US Dropshipping Suppliers

There is no doubt that dropshipping is a desired business to take on. But with that being said, there are certain suppliers who perform dropshipping better than others. Some of the best dropshipping suppliers in the United States include Sunrise WholeSale and Nordstrom. 

Sunrise Wholesale — Offers Many Products For Dropshipping

Many dropshipping suppliers are very category-specific, but with Sunrise Wholesale there are many different supplied products. Sunrise Wholesale is a dropshipping app that offers over 15,000 products for your eCommerce store. 

Pros of Sunrise Wholesale include simple product integration, automatic inventory updates, direct fulfillment, and build-in Fraud Check for integrated orders. You can easily add items of your choice with a single click and there is no need to buy any quantity of products upfront.

A couple of cons that emerge with Sunrise Wholesale include their smaller catalog of product choices compared to other drop shipping companies, along with not having international shipping. 

Overall, Sunrise Wholesale’s pricing is pretty straightforward. You can get a seven-day free trial, but after that if you choose to keep using the app, there will be a recurring fee of $29 a month.

Nordstrom — Apparel Supplier

Nordstrom has its very own program for dropshipping. They are partnered with Dsco to offer an integration platform, which helps suppliers connect and exchange drop ship data. Not only is Nordstrom one of the best suppliers for apparel, but they also have a large assortment of beauty supplies including hair and nail products. 

Pros of drop shipping through Nordstrom include their wider range of brand visibility and awareness, and their sales and revenue. Their start up investments are minimal when compared to the vast amount of sales opportunities. Additionally, they pay for all shipping fees. All the supplier has to do is pick and pack.

Although Nordstrom has its pros when it comes to apparel dropshipping, there are a few cons too. Nordstrom does have limited products they sell compared to other companies. But if you are looking to sell apparel they may be the best supplier for you. 

In Conclusion

There are numerous great dropshipping suppliers for you to utilize. Some of the best ones include Oberlo, AliDropship, Dropified, Sunrise Wholesale and Nordstrom. Some suppliers will be better for you depending on the products you are looking to sell. Nordstrom will be better if you are dealing with apparel and Alidrop will work best if you are looking for the best manufacturing supplier. 

Whichever supplier you choose to work with, make sure you do your research to know they are the best fit for you and your business!