Best Dedicated Web Hosting

Tired of the performance bottlenecks of shared web hosting? Try dedicated web hosting. 

A dedicated web hosting lets you solely access the physical web server. You don’t have to share the server resources like CPU, RAM and disk space with anybody. As a result, you can deliver more power to your website or application.

Yet not all vendors offering dedicated web hosting are the same. Find the best with our list of dedicated web hosting providers.

The Benefits Of Using Dedicated Web Hosting

People prefer dedicated web hosting for several reasons. Most of the time, it’s for better control over the web resources. 

Here are a few more benefits of dedicated hosting.

Better Security

Whether a small firm or an enterprise, none can afford to compromise sensitive information. A dedicated server is the first step towards secured information. It ensures your data’s safety as the resources used are limited to you only, unlike shared hosting. 

People other than you or your team cannot access your data or throttle your resources. You get complete control over your server and have the privacy of infrastructure and data. It can also be instrumental in condensing the possibility of data theft and malicious attacks. 

High Traffic Handling

The volume of traffic has a significant impact on the website’s performance. While a shared hosting would share the available resources with all its customers, a dedicated web hosting would let you beam all available web resources to ensure your website’s availability when the traffic peaks. 

This feature alone should let you feel the difference in dedicated hosting’s overall site performance compared to shared hosting. Pages load faster and perform better.

Customized server 

Unlike any other web hosting, dedicated hosting gives you the flexibility to customize your server according to your CPU, RAM, disk space and software needs. 

You can also run specialized cron jobs and shell scripts to aid your website. Were it on shared hosting, you would also have to consider that those scripts and jobs could cause conflicts for the people with whom you were sharing the website. 

The Factors that Make a Good Dedicated Web Hosting

It’s essential to know the features of good dedicated web hosting to dig out the best option available in the market. Here are the factors worth your attention:


The very first factor you must consider is the option to customize your plan. You should be able to choose the resources to match the requirements of your business. 

For example, if you are trying to run a web application on an IIS server, your hosting provider should offer you Windows hosting. You should also be able to customize the hardware resources like RAM and webspace. 


Dedicated web hosting should offer top security features. They must include different layers of protection for the safety of business data. 

Look for the vendor that gives you the flexibility to choose the security measures and customize them as per your needs. Security measures also include SSL certificates, encryption and backups.

High Availability

A dedicated hosting plan should offer less downtime and resource throttling. The hosting provider should ensure at least 99.995% uptime and have a rare history of downtime. 

Likewise, the hosting plan should release all of its resources in case of a resource throttle that can affect your website and application performance. To see if your hosting provider meets these conditions, check out their website and reviews. Every provider maintains a record of its downtime; you can also ask for it. 

The Best Dedicated Web Hosting

Here are our top picks for dedicated web hosting available on the market. 


Bluehost is a preferred choice for an overall dedicated hosting plan.

It’s an industry leader in providing some of the cost-effective yet exceptional services to the users. This combo of excellent features and a lower price is rare in hosting providers. It’s limited to Linux servers, but the Linux hosting plan comes with a free cPanel subscription letting you manage your dedicated server effortlessly. 

Some of its key features include the standard root and SSH access, RAID1 mirrored storage, domain privacy and protection, spam protection and a 24/7 phone and chat support system.

Their basic plan costs just $79.99 per month. You get 4 cores CPU @ 2.3 GHz, 500GB (Mirrored) Storage, 4 GB RAM and 5 TB Bandwidth for that price. It is their promotional price, which will cost you $149.99 per month on renewal.

Liquid Web 

Liquid web offers the best add-on bundle packages for a dedicated hosting plan. 

Unlike Bluehost, it is a premium business hosting web solution. Compared to others in this list, it’s not a very popular hosting provider. Yet, they compete with the market toppers in terms of server quality, performance and support. 

They provide managed dedicated server hosting and take the burden of server management off your shoulder. Liquid Web has a server in Michigan, Arizona and Netherlands, letting you enjoy the freedom of launching your website from the geographical region of your choice.

The pricing starts from $199 per month, costing you $189 per month if you go for a 6-month plan. The same plan will cost you $169 per month if you go for an annual plan.


InMotion is considered the best web host for small-scale businesses.

It’s an independently-owned hosting company, unlike many others that have more prominent brands on their back. It offers you the option of both managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting at different pricing. 

Some of its features include free SSL, premium malware and hack protection, 99.99% uptime, and most importantly, 24/7/365 customer support. 

You can’t ignore another exciting feature it offers — a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is the highest of any other providers on the list.

The plan pricing starts from $57.50 per month.


HostGator is popular as the most reliable hosting plan.

This premium dedicated hosting service has something exceptional to offer. Their hosting plan offers an incredibly high 99.99% uptime and a considerably faster server. Other than that, it includes unmetered bandwidth, massive CPU cores and a huge RAM. 

You also get to choose from Linux or Windows operating systems. It also has an option for managed and semi-managed hosting plans. 

It’s not a cheap vendor, but the level of specifications it offers make it worth its cost. So, it is generally a choice for extensive websites that require the best performance

HostGator dedicated hosting plan is available at promotional pricing of $89.98 per month.

A2 Hosting 

A2 Hosting is best known for offering the fastest dedicated hosting plans.

Popular for its speed, A2 Hosting is also one of the most reliable service providers. They have various levels of a dedicated hosting management plan available for users. It includes unmanaged server, discount SSD server, managed flex server and core flex server. 

Besides, you can customize your server resources, choose your management level, use the cPanel control panel for managed and core servers and get root access for unmanaged and core servers.

A2 hosting is offering its basic plan at a discounted price of $99.59 per month.

Dedicated Hosting for the Best Performance

If your business deals with massive traffic and sensitive data, dedicated web hosting can be an excellent substitute for you. While a dedicated server comes up with numerous benefits, it may not be an affordable choice for businesses of all sizes.

Your budget and requirements are the decisive factors while making the right selection. So, it would be best to determine your website’s needs before opting for a dedicated hosting plan. After all, you want to ensure that dedicated hosting is the right addition to your website or application.