Best Call Center Software

Call center software tools have become essential to almost every large-scale business. The software plays a critical role in simplifying customer relationships and improving an overall customer experience to boost sales. 

Companies must remain highly conscious about the software they choose for their business. The article contains a list of carefully selected tools that have the best features. You will also learn about call center software and the characteristics of the best call center tool.

What is Call Center Software?

Call center software monitors, tracks, manages and routes phone calls to clients. When the number of customer calls becomes challenging to manage, the call center software comes into play. The software streamlines managing, tracking and routing incoming and outgoing telephone calls. It also directs the calls to the most suitable agent. In short, it simplifies the process of customer relationship management.

Businesses use call center software for several reasons. It enhances customer service management, provides improved reporting features, boosts overall team productivity, enhances client data access, minimizes the cost and improves sales.

What Factors Make the Best Call Center Software?

To make the software work best for your business, you must look for the most valuable features. Check out a list of factors that you must consider before choosing software.

Automatic Call Distribution

You can distribute customer calls automatically and the intercom feature is highly beneficial and desirable when you have a lot of customer calls to handle. The automatic call distribution helps you manage the calls smoothly and effortlessly. 

Monitoring and Analytics

You extract meaningful business insight from calls made or received by customer service representatives. For example, you can determine the time taken to handle each call by your call center employees. Similarly, you can use call center data solutions to find high-performing employees or create the best sales strategies. 

Call Recording

This feature allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers. You can record and save live calls to play later. Agents can refer to them before connecting with a customer. Managers can also use it to assess an agent’s performance, a helpful feature in training your employees. 

Contact Management

Call center software provides an incredible and fast way to organize, contact and assist your customers. By organizing all of the contacts in a single place, agents can easily access the contact details relevant to them. You can even give a personalized experience to the people who want to connect with your business. 

Computer Telephony Integration

Computer telephony integration, also called computer–telephone integration (CTI), allows for integrated telephone-computer interactions. Your call center software must integrate seamlessly with other tools, such as CRM, social networking tools, help desk software and marketing tools. 

The Best Call Center Software

Plenty of call center software exists in the market and offers excellent features at a reasonable price. However, you might find it tricky to choose the best one. We prepared a list of powerful call center software for your business.

1. Best for Abundant Features: RingCentral

RingCentral offers one of the best inbound contact centers. This software has excellent features for inbound communication and includes several features like omnichannel routing, CRM integrations, workforce management tools, surveys, call recording and analytics.

RingCentral guarantees an uptime of 99.99%. Its cloud-based phone platform enables the agents to work remotely. A range of easy-to-implement customizations offers an added benefit.

You need to contact the sales team for pricing. Its higher plan includes outbound communication features as well. 

2. Best for Overall Solutions: Five9 Cloud Contact Center Software

If you want Five9 Cloud Contact Center Software to cover all your bases, you can use Five9 Cloud easily on any platform like Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad and web. 

It offers predictive AI. If you get lots of inbound calls and you don’t have enough support representatives to handle it, the software automatically diverts the calls to the appropriate individuals. You can change the settings as each individual business needs to improve work efficiency. 

Like the cloud-based RingCentral Contact Center, your employees can access the tool from anywhere. It offers an appropriate solution for small businesses or mid-sized companies or enterprises.

Get in touch with Five9’s team to get an estimate.

3. Best for Security: CloudTalk

CloudTalk can run telephony services securely from its cloud-based solution. Its seamless integration offers another attraction that allows you to connect with the most popular CRMs and business tools like Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce and Zendesk.

It also supports the maximum number of platforms than any other tool in the list, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. 

Pricing starts from $25 per month. The same plan costs $20 per month in the yearly plan. 

4. Best for Small Businesses: 8×8

8×8 works well for businesses of any size, including freelancers. 8×8 supports both inbound and outbound calls from any location. It also offers advanced AI-based features like omnichannel routing, historical and real-time reports, customer experience analytics and speech analytics.

Pricing starts from $113 per user per month. If you choose its annual plan, you can save up to 23% on yearly plans, which will reduce the monthly rate to $87 per month per user. 

5. Best for Integrated Contact Center: Zendesk Talk

Zendesk, known for its support and automated ticketing, has in-built Zendesk Talk. Zendesk Talk offers a complete cloud-based call center solution for businesses of any size. You can let the support executive access the customer data from all the departments. 

Through Zendesk Talk, you get features such as call recording and automatic ticket creation. You also get additional features like inbound and outbound calling, browser-based calling, call blocking, call forwarding to phones, conference calling, SMS, call recording and call record permissions.

Pricing starts from $49 per agent per month when billed annually. 

Best Call Center Software

Modern technology like call center software makes it possible for any business to set up phone support for customer service. Choosing the right contact center software solution involves a major decision for any business. Not only does it organize your customer contact details, it also helps you reach your customers easily. 

This list should steer you toward finding the right contact center software for your business. If you start as a company, we also recommend that you look for the best email service, website, domains and hosting.