Beautiful AI Review

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Launched in 2018, Beautiful AI is a presentation software that designs your presentations in real-time. Think of this software as your own personal designer-in-a-box. Just feed it with the requisite content, and it will design a beautiful presentation for you. This design-focused software combines learning behavior and artistry of professional graphic designers to visualize crystal clear ideas.

Beautiful AI stands out from the competition through what it touts as its special sauce — an artificially-intelligent platform that automatically tweaks your presentation based on best design principles recommended by professionals.

With 60+ smart templates serving as a blueprint for making presentations, Beautiful AI eliminates the painstaking process of handling the manual labor of layout, text boxes, margins, image placement and aesthetics.

 You’ll also benefit from a vast library of thousands of free stock images, logos and icons, as well as improve your presentations through customized infographics and eye-catching animations.

The Beautiful AI UX lets you save tons of time as effort since the tool automatically edits fonts, aligns boxes and applies the right color scheme to every slide. The output is professionally designed slideshows even if a rookie was behind the wheel.

Best For

  • Quick presentations
  • Those looking for a free plan


  • 60+ smart templates
  • Designing a presentation is easy
  • Aesthetically appealing slideshows
  • Cloud-based
  • Easy collaboration
  • Customized to your brand


  • Limits on where, how much and what type of content you can add to each slide
  • You can’t edit a presentation after export
  • Lack of integration with the Google Slides suite
securely through Beautiful ai's website

Beautiful AI Pricing

Beautiful AI lets you create beautiful presentations 10x faster with 3 conveniently priced plans designed for different user groups.

  • Basic plan: Beautiful AI’s basic plan is absolutely free and designed for individuals looking to jumpstart their visual story. Although this plan limits you to 100 slides, it still gives you access to 60+ smart slide templates, customizable themes, a free image library, a rich icon library, multi-user collaboration, integrations and export to PowerPoint/PDF.
  • Pro plan. For $15 per month, professionals will enjoy unlimited slides and all other features in the basic plan. The pro plan also includes editable PowerPoint export, presentation analytics, custom fonts, secured sharing, a desktop player and a revision history. You can also remove the Beautiful AI branding present in your slides.
  • Team plan. Mainly designed for organizations, the Team plan includes everything in the Basic and Pro plans for $46 per user per month. Additional features include advanced collaboration and sharing, shared slide library, audit logging, centralized billing, as well as team management and admin controls.

Upon signup, Beautiful AI gives you the option to experiment its Pro plan with a 14-day trial period. The credit card you add during the trial period is charged automatically after your trial expires. You’ll also get a 20% discount if you switch an annual payment plan.

Beautiful AI Product Offerings

Beautiful AI’s vast library collection lets you access easy-to-use, curated templates to help jumpstart your next presentation. No graphic design experience is needed since the software’s smart templates are customizable with endless variety and design options.

Slide Templates

Beautiful AI’s vast collection of smart slide templates will organize your content quickly and let you bring your presentation design ideas to life in minutes. Here are your slide template options:

  • Popular slide templates: Save time by designing and customizing your presentations with popular slide templates, including SWOT analysis, Gantt chart, bar graph, timeline, flowchart and Venn diagram.
  • Basic slide templates: Beautiful AI also offers slide templates for all the most basic slides, including headline slide, section break slide, text slide, contact slide, title slide, agenda slide and image slide.
  • List slide templates: Put your content into lists instantly interesting and dynamically designed formats, including an infographic slide, icon slide, bullet slide and number list.
  • Data and charts slide templates: Beautiful AI’s collection of charts lets you organize your data into a visual graphic that brings meaning to the data in an attractive format. Its data and charts slide templates include thermometer slide, donut chart, area chart, data comparison slide, a waterfall chart, bar graph and more.
  • Diagram and timeline slide templates: Any of Beautiful AI’s diagrams and timelines templates should help you plot data, break down a complex idea or lay out a timeline on your presentation. Templates include Kanban, calendar slides, scatter graph slide, process diagram slide and more.
  • Comparison slide templates: Project future trends, explain relationships between data and display changes over time with Beautiful AI’s comparison slide templates. These include a data comparison slide, pictograph slide, XY plot, quadrant slide and more.

Presentation Templates

Here are some of Beautiful AI’s easy-to-edit presentation templates to bring new life to your upcoming presentation.

  • HR benefits templates: Take a step ahead of your enrollment presentation prep with Beautiful AI’s curated HR benefits template.
  • Business plan presentation template: This business plan template gives you a head start whether you want to raise money from investors or fund your small business.
  • Marketing plan template: This customizable marketing plan template lets you create a full-stack marketing plan in minutes.
  • Board meeting presentation template: Make an impression in your next board meeting with this impactful presentation template.
  • SEO report template: Display the performance of your SEO campaigns with its SEO report template.

App Integrations

Your presentation workflow wouldn’t be a success without the support of proper integrations. Beautiful AI allows for Slack and Dropbox integrations to ease the sharing and collaboration of all crucial aspects of your presentation workflow.

Beautiful AI Customer Service

While Beautiful AI doesn’t provide a dedicated customer service phone, you can drop them a line at You can also submit a support request through its customer support page. 

Its support page also offers valuable educational resources on working with Beautiful AI, using smart slides, adding your media, exporting your presentation and managing your account.

You’ll also find links to some of the company’s recent webinars to help you learn more about the platform. Visit its Twitter page at @BeautifulAI_ or LinkedIn for assistance or more information.

Beautiful AI Mobile App

Beautiful AI currently doesn’t support a mobile app. Instead, it runs as a web-based presentation maker that can help you put together stunning presentations in minutes. This AI-powered presentation software is cloud-based.

Beautiful AI Privacy & Security

Beautiful AI implements a robust privacy policy framework to ensure your security on the platform. Any registration and communication data the platform collects is used to deliver aby services and information you request, verify your authority to access specific password protected areas, detect fraud and other illegal activities.

Beautiful AI doesn’t directly collect your payment information nor does it store your payment information. It uses 3rd-party, PCI-compliant payment processors to complete any payment transactions. 

Being a web-based platform, implements a secure socket layer, password protection and a host of security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data.  

Beautiful AI Performance

Beautiful AI’s general product benefit is the availability of more than 60 smart templates, all of which automatically adapt as you add content. But, this cloud-based presentation software brings simplicity and lets you achieve more in these ways.

  • User experience: Beautiful AI’s customizable smart templates let even non-designers create professional-quality slideshows. Work with a pre-designed template for your sales presentation or start from scratch with a blank design theme. Using AI technology, your slides automatically adapt in real-time using common principles of great design.
  • Special effects: Bring your presentation designs to life through Beautiful AI’s custom, animated transitions. Its smart templates come with built-in animated transitions between slides, which you can tweak to your preference.
  • Presentation design: Slides created with Beautiful AI are always clean, modern and cohesive because the presentation maker limits what and how much content you can place in a certain slide. The software will even suggest ways through which you can visualize your presentation ideas. Create beautiful presentation designs with a search engine that intuitively suggests images related to practically any topic.

Beautiful AI Overall Rating

Between having minimal graphic design knowledge and looking for a PowerPoint alternative, Beautiful AI automates most of your presentation design through artificial intelligence. The output — slideshows that are always fresh, clean, modern, polished and professional. Use its smart templates as a gateway to a new world of inspiring and engaging visual storytelling.

Part deck designer and part productivity tool, Beautiful AI will help your business create meaningful pitches without stalling your projects. With Beautiful AI, you can organize ideas quickly, sync with teams instantly and engage your clients from a whole new dimension.

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