In a world where many small and medium-scale businesses crawl under the weight of paperwork, human resources management is key to operating a successful business venture. For businesses that employ at least 5-1000 employees, managing human resources can be a draining exercise that will eat deep into scarce time and resources. 

This was an issue until the advent of automated human resource management, which saved businesses time and money, the most prominent being BambooHR. 

Ease of Use 

BambooHR prioritizes easy navigation of the app. As a result, all your HR needs are centralized and put in the same data system. The app developers programmed the app fairly straightforward so that it’s easy to find your way around the app. 

Score: 8/10


BambooHR has a wide range of features that help you get a head start on your HR administration. Features like integrated payroll, applicant tracking (ATS), onboarding tools, e-signatures, time-off tracking and performance management help you avoid data management clogging. 

BambooHR supports different languages and is compatible with various currencies and time zones. That way, you can easily enjoy its features wherever you set your office.



For an app that seeks to help small and medium-scale businesses, it is expensive. A monthly fee base of $4.95 per employee may be too much for small companies and businesses to keep up with. 



In essence, BambooHR is an app that brings heavy relief to any HR personnel or department. Granting access to both employees and management staff is a stroke of genius, as it has become an interface that makes paperwork and red tape obsolete. 


The Good:

  • It can be linked to the company’s social media accounts, making it easy for the company/business to share vacancies.
  • You can customize and design benefit packages for your employees. 
  • The web version has high functionality.
  • It has a simplified performance management setup.

The Bad:

  • The mobile app has limited functionality.
  • The pricing system is not fully defined and not clear.
  • It is pricey.

Bamboo HR is an app for human resource management. Founded in 2008, the service provides companies and local businesses automated HR-based solutions to their problems. It also allows for combined use with other HR apps and services. 

With its open API, you can reap the benefits of combining two HR apps with various functionality. This app is suitable for companies. It is also a good fit for small and medium-scale enterprises looking to shed their HR load. With BambooHR, your concerns about staff management and administration are non-existent. 


BambooHR boasts of a wide range of features that show intuition and foresight that will help you smoothly run your business.

Centralized Employee Database

Rating: Excellent

With the centralized employee database, it is easy to keep tabs on any employee. This welcome feature has dispelled the need for multiple spreadsheets. If your company has various departments, BambooHR is the right fit. 

Instead of operating with information scattered across many documents, you will have only one database to go through. In addition, there won’t be any need for paper files, so this will save you large amounts of money in overhead costs. 

With this feature, all essential information and data will be in one place. Information categories such as personal information, benefits package information and payment information are standard categories. There are also information categories that you can customize to meet your immediate needs.  

Benefit and Payroll Administration

Rating: Fair

BambooHR is head and shoulders above other apps about functionality. However, it lacks a wide variety of features compared to others. Its Benefits Administration features give you the feel of a file cabinet. 

With this feature, you can customize and design benefit packages for different employee categories. You can also make benefits to the data in anticipation of an employee’s status change. 

For example, if an employee is about to get married, you can alter the data to reflect the coming changes. This alteration will affect the benefit packages which the employee will enjoy, while this feature keeps track of that.

Employee and Manager Self-service

Rating: Excellent

This self-service feature makes it easy for employees and management staff to handle things. Bamboo HR possesses impressive self-service features. As is the trademark for Bamboo HR features, you can customize, design and decide the system for access and permission. You choose which fields can be accessed by employees and management staff alike. 

This feature takes a lot of weight off HR staff. On their own, employees and management staff can log in to their accounts to access the necessary information. Data like benefits and time off allotments and accruals are accessible with this feature. 

They can also make requests for time off expediently without going through unnecessary red tape. Managers and Management Staff can entertain these requests and answer them in record time. 

Apart from that, management staff can also access meeting reports, essential documents and any other written correspondence which is necessary. All in all, the process is a fantastic way to save money and time. 

Global Capabilities

Rating: Excellent

If your company is looking to establish a business in various locations worldwide, you will find this feature extremely helpful. In situations like this, you would want your staff in different parts of the world to work in a language they understand. 

To that end, BambooHR supports the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Canadian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Dutch

One exciting thing about this feature is that you can alter the language settings based on your preferences. So the language preference is on a per-user basis. 

Also, some local currencies are compatible with the app. The app is customizable to reflect your time zone if you choose.

Applicant Tracking System

Rating: Excellent

One of the many problems HR personnel face is sifting through applicant resumes before choosing which applicants would scale through. BambooHR solves this problem with advanced rating methods like AI and natural language processing, resulting in saved time, money and man-hours. 

In some cases, all you need to do is feed in filters which set the parameters and keywords. This way, your hiring process is streamlined from beginning to end. It also enhances the recruitment process for HR personnel and candidates. In the long run, it will improve the perception of your company by prospective applicants and HR firms. 

Time And Attendance Tracking

Rating: Excellent

The primary function of the HR department is to coordinate staff relations and monitor productivity. Many HR personnel find it hard to keep up with timesheets, punch cards and long periods of man-hour calculations. 

This feature ensures that you can keep track of the time devoted to specific tasks and projects. It also allows staff to punch in or out at work on the app.

With this feature, it is possible to track employee performance with solid data gathered over time. What’s more, is you can collect the needed data with little or no stress. 

The Takeaway

BambooHR has a user-friendly interface. With its open API feature, you can integrate its services with other HR tech services. This feature makes it the best app for companies and local businesses looking to expand operations and increase their market share.

If your business or company falls under this category, you should get the BambooHR app and enjoy stress-free productivity.