AskNicely vs SatisMeter – What Is the Better NPS?

AskNicely or SatisMeter are both multi-channel survey software to collect and analyze feedback. Both of these tools are popular and recognized for their contribution to different businesses. 

But if we were to look at them closely, we can find significant features that differentiate one from the other.  Let’s see how these survey tools stack against each other in terms of features.  

What is AskNicely?

AskNicely is one of the most popular Experience Management Platforms that improves customer satisfaction using the Net Promoter System (NPS). This simple form interface supports email-based, website-based and mobile app-based surveys and allows 40+ pre-built integrations. It also automates workflows to follow up with dissatisfied customers and add positive testimonials to the website. AskNicely can assist marketing, operations and customer experience leaders willing to lead from the frontline.

What is SatisMeter?

SatisMeter is one of the most advanced customer feedback software that has made it possible for businesses to have real-time insight on customer satisfaction. This multi-channel platform utilizes NPS to collect in-app feedback. It comes with various innovative and useful features and stands out with an impressive average response rate. SatisMeter is ideal for product managers, marketers, growth leaders, developers, CEOs and product designers.

AskNicely vs SatisMeter

Let’s dive deeper into the features each tool offers.  

Better tools for NPS

Being feature-rich, AskNicely offers several tools for NPS. For example, it can customize client surveys to collect feedback at the right time automatically. You can also track any customer experience metric, such as NPS, 5-Star, CSAT or Customer Effort Score. Its follow-up questions take you deeper into understanding customer feedback. 

It also has built-in response, escalation and workflow management tools to ensure your customers get quick responses. Its predictive analytics give you an edge in understanding your products and customers better.

SatisMeter offers even better tools to collect and analyze customer satisfaction information, giving a quick summary of the feedback collected. While most of SatisMeter’s features are similar to AskNicely, SatisMeter collects 360-degree feedback and anonymous feedback. Unlike AskNicely, it also has collaboration tools, with which agents can solve bugs together and promote successful cooperation. 

Its unique features establish SatisMeter as better than AskNicely.

Better UI/UX

AskNicely’s UI has a smooth and clean design and a professional look.  The dashboard displays the NPS overview graphically. It also allows you to sort the responses by the number of days, geographic location, team or any custom field within your CRM. As far as UX is concerned, it is more streamlined. The NPS dashboard is sharable for broader visibility. While beginners could struggle with the platform initially, professionals would love its feature-rich interface.

SatisMeter features a simple yet intuitive design. But it lacks icons, hence the overall UI is not as good as expected. Some people can find its white background to be monotonous and tiresome. Unlike AskNicely, it includes an NPS data filter. It also provides insight into the NPS score, the number of responses and the response rate on the dashboard. You can see the number of Promoters, Passives and Detractors. 

So, if you like simple interfaces, SatisMeter is your pick, but if you want a modern interface, AskNicely can be better.

Better reporting

AskNicely has automated reporting, which means the dashboard shows the automatic monthly report in real-time. The report shows the average NPS for each month so that you can compare and keep a close watch on your team’s performance and make an informed decision.

On the other hand, SatisMeter gives you an in-depth report detailing your strengths and weaknesses by displaying NPS trends, response trends and frequency ratings graphically and numerically, providing clarity on the steps you need to take to better customer satisfaction.

If you want automated reports, AskNicely beats SatisMeter easily. However, if you want a detailed report, SatisMeter can be the choice.

Better price model

AskNicely’s pricing is quote-based. You must get in touch with the vendor for a demo to get a better cost estimate. AskNicely offers a free trial to understand the software better and see if it fits your organization’s needs.

SatisMeter’s base price is $49 per month, making it suitable for start-ups and small businesses. It offers 3 additional plans: Growth, Business and Enterprise. While all plans include the same features, the pricier plans let you accept a higher number of responses and allow more active users. It offers a free trial of all its plans except the Enterprise, which requires booking a demo.  

SatisMeter remains ahead of AskNicely in this regard.

Better analytics

AskNicely performs well when it comes to analysis. It automatically collects feedback data and evaluates the results based on its NPS calculator. The NPS calculator automatically calculates NPS through 3 simple steps. However, it shows the score as a single indicator of customer sentiment and doesn’t break it into categories. AskNicely works with customer feedback and testimonials.

While it doesn’t evaluate scores automatically, AskNicely breaks down the score into various categories. It offers a detailed report, which shows the number of Promoters, Passives and Detractors and divides the score across categories. 

AskNicely can be a better option if you want a single NPS indicator. If you are looking for a detailed report, SatisMeter is the way to go.

The platform with good support

AskNicely offers responsive support through multiple channels. You can contact its support team via phone during business hours or through email or web chat anytime. It also has an extensive documentation library, blogs and monthly webinars, helping you learn more about the software and use cases of the software in your business.

SatisMeter misses out on phone support. But it offers emails, tickets and live support channels to address customers’ issues. It also has blogs and a help center to answer common questions.

Choose the Best NPS Software Now

Both AskNicely and SatisMeter have their own sets of unique features. While these tools can come with additional features, you must choose the software that meets your needs. Thorough research can help you avoid ill-fitting software and get you the one that you need to improve your customer satisfaction level.