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To Benzing or not to Benzing, that is the question

By Harmisha Hoggatt, Benzinga Intern

The first time I saw Benzinga's ad on craigslist requesting resumes for internships I was very interested, not because I like writing but because I thought the name was so odd and unique that the people who work there must be cool.

When I first talked to Jacquelyn, who is the Internship Coordinator here at Benzinga, I thought she sounded really sweet, sincere and calm over the phone. This was not the case...well, not the calm part. Jacquelyn and the rest of the Benzinga staff are a bunch of raging, energetic, crazy people, but not the bad kind of crazy, the “I actually like my job and I want to succeed in what I'm doing” crazy. In my opinion, it's this kind of passion in a business that will take Benzinga and its staff far. For anyone who ever gets the pleasure to work here, do not worry about some lifeless dull office, but be prepared to catch whatever comes your way, and fast.

Benzinga is a fairly new company, so I wasn't too intimidated, like I may have been walking into an older company. You see, working with a new, fast-growing business has its perks compared to working for an already well-established company. I'm excited to get to see the company grow. When I leave, and years down the road when they are one of the top financial news sites (which I know they will be), I will get to look back and say that I was an intern for them. How cool is that?!?