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A Thanksgiving Zing

"On Thanksgiving Day we acknowledge our dependence." ~ William Jennings Bryan

As we indulge ourselves this Thursday with delicacies in the form of candied yams, thrice-stuffed turkeys, cornbread, cucumber salads and cranberry slices, all covered in gravy, we at Benzinga wanted to take a moment and give thanks.

Too often we see companies aimlessly merry along through the holiday season without realizing the true reason for their success — the people that make their company amaZING!

We have been truly lucky in the two years of our existence to have not only met some extraordinary people, but also to have worked alongside them. We are only great because we are surrounded by awesome people doing incredible things.

To our Contributors:

Our content is what has allowed us to put a dent in the finance world. To all of of our experts around the world, we truly thank you for all your time and effort you put into each and every piece that is published. Your dedication, market knowledge and ability to translate an actionable idea that traders find useful makes us a rare commodity in this industry.

In the new-age world where content is published every day in astonishing amounts, you are a meaningful voice that sets us apart from the herd. You are all true professionals that shine bright in the trading world.

Thank You!

To our Partners:

A message without delivery is like words spoken upon deaf ears. You allow us to reach our full potential as a company and are like a microphone for our voice. We are eternally grateful for the unbelievably smart and classy people in this industry. So many times we are awestruck by the vast amounts of knowledge and street-smarts so many of our partners have. To work alongside all of you makes this job seem easy at times and a joy to do.

Thank You!

To our Readers/ Customers:

You are the reason we do what we do: the reason we consume unhealthy amounts of caffeine during earnings season and the reason we never rest until each and every customer is satisfied. Providing true value in this hyper-technological trading world is fun for us. We love hearing from new and old readers alike, that make (or save) money from what we do.

To give you a sense of how much we enjoy it, we have a big gong in our main office that is rung each team we hear from one of you praising our services. Your happiness and satisfaction means so much to each of us.

The moments that we celebrate are when we make your life easier. Why? Because we used to be traders and analysts at the grind each-and-every-day. We are now on a different side of the equation and are forever grateful for your business; without you we are nothing. You make us tick!

Thank You!

This holiday season, continuing into the new year, we promise to work as hard as humanly possible because we are overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone that makes up this great company — contributors, partners and readers alike! We proudly acknowledge our dependance and take it as an honor to bring you the most actionable content in the world.

Go Zing or Go Home,
The Benzinga Family