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Happy Birthday! Have a Piece of Ca– No, a Scoop of Cheese Potatoes

At Benzinga, we dare to be different. REALLY different.

And it works beautifully. While I can't say I was thrilled when a tray full of bacon emerged in the office two months ago (instead of a tray full of baked goods, the latter of which I am always cheering for), I was overjoyed when Jax came into the office today holding a dish filled with cheesy, tasty, stomach-filling, hunger-diminishing potatoes.

This might seem like an unusual way to celebrate a birthday (as if that weren't enough, Jax stuck a candle in the center of the dish before the crew gathered to sing “Happy Birthday”), but it proved to be an excellent treat.

Thanks Jax! :)

Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e., we ate the cheese potatoes before a close photo could be taken), the picture above is not representative of the actual cheese potatoes eaten by the Benzinga crew.

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