Market Overview

Mahalo Benzinga, Back To School

1677. The door opens as someone rushes out. I stroll in only to see one pair of eyes quickly glance my way before returning to the markets on eight monitors. Was I in the right place or was the rest of the office hidden behind the green screen? With all my international travels, I figured I could handle a casual office with close quarters…maybe I was getting ahead of myself.

Benzinga, an off the wall name for a hole in the wall place. I was only here a month, of course it was the month before Benzinga base camp moves to a new office. This is a start-up. Five rooms filled with people bouncing ideas each other trying to move small talk into medium talk. People want to come to work each day. There is a desire to develop the business and a genuine excitement surrounding its success. Ultimately, this created a very open and inviting work environment.

It has only been a month and I'm already thinking to myself: thank god I left the Mac Room before it became the War Room. My transition to writing articles became easier than expected as I posted up in the backroom, claiming an unoccupied computer and a 50's red dinner chair someone deemed uncomfortable enough to keep anyone seeking a chiropractor grounded in the evening.

Actually, it was probably Hilary frantically answering phones, editing articles, or just talking out loud to the room (or herself?). Also, the occasional political comment by "Thorpe Daddy Thorpe" and his imposing leather chair made for eventful conversations. If you are looking for a quick laugh, I suggest you saddle up on the couch and prepare for a fun filled afternoon. Oh yeah, somehow work also took place in this room.

I guess I participated in an internship, but I really don't consider it that way. Publishing multiple articles a day was definitely a plus in addition to tracking those who tweeted them. Recording analyst stock estimates and earnings revenues has introduced me to at least a thousand new stocks, thank you Brandon. Can't forget Aaron either for making sure the office ran smoothly enough for a couple gong sounds a day.

I guess I can leave the office off with a little note. Louis, one of the quirkiest guys in the office was always willing to edit any articles with a smile ear to ear. Kyle, I'm still expecting to receive the Zinger with the intentions of someday receiving a shout out for my flow. Lastly, I know the cafeteria has a decadent food selection but after the move, please bring try to bring your lunch. Then again, "lunch is for wimps."

Vaya Con Dios Brah