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Grounded in our media heritage, Benzinga Video Studio understands how to transform your message into a story prospects want to engage with. Benzinga content is consumed by more than 50M people every month.

Custom Video

Stand out with engaging video that tells your story. Consumers have a short attention span and Benzinga’s video studio has differentiated itself by being able to capitalize on getting the message that matters most to your prospects in a captivating way.

With the custom video content that the Benzinga Video team creates, you can showcase your brand to build a devoted following. Content is promoted to Benzinga’s extensive viewer base, and you can share through your preferred social channels.

Wide Syndication

The best content in the world is useless if nobody sees it. Benzinga is a media company first with over 50 million people consuming content every month.

Our partners get to take advantage of our readership and social channels to make sure their message is heard. We also apply the principals learned from building a media brand into every piece of content we produce.

Channels your content is published to include, Benzinga’s social channels (500K+ total followers) and available for use on your properties.

True Partnership

Our content manager will learn your business, what makes a great prospect and how you differentiate from the competition.

We make the video creation process as easy as possible for you. Our process includes:

  • Learning your business
  • Script writing
  • Shooting & editing content
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Publication to Benzinga’s syndication network

Your project manager will be highly accessible and delivery is incredibly fast.

Check Out Some of Our Work

“The marketing video Benzinga did for me was above and beyond what I thought it would be. Most times people say they’ll do videos for you, but they’re not usable. This one was usable and got across what we wanted. They were flexible to our needs as a script and collaborated along the way so we got what we wanted. I’m impressed!”

– Abe Kashiwagi, iFlip Invest VP Marketing

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  • We Create Raving Fans
  • Urgency is the Ante to Play
  • It’s the What not the Who
  • We Do What We Say
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