EXCLUSIVE: Solar Tax Credit Will 'Undoubtedly' Spur Demand and Grow Supply, Clean Energy Fuels Could Be Surprise Beneficiary

Craig-Hallum noted on Wednesday that Clean Energy Fuels Corp
is expected to receive $40 million in cash for 2015, according to the buried credit comment in the
Solar Bill
. Shares are up 3.25 percent on Wednesday. The stock is trading at $3.81 at a volume of 271,717 shares. Raymond James' Angelica Jarvenpaa spoke to
, and said that the tax credit was one of the most significant wildcards facing the solar industry up to this point. Jarvenpaa said that it will undoubtedly spur demand and grow supply. "While this deal does not particularly affect one solar name more than another, this deal is a bullish sign for the industry as a whole," Jarvenpaa said. Analysts are viewing CLNE as bullish and bearish with a price recommendation from $6 to $15 respectively. Zacks has provided a consensus long-term growth projection of 18.75, considering the market estimates of the company's sales and earnings for the forthcoming three to five years. Zacks had conducted a consensus view of 3 brokerage firms, which have rated CLNE over the last six months. The company's rating has been kept at 2.5. A lot of pressure has been placed on Clean Energy Fuels due to the rapid drop in both gas and oil prices this year. Clean Energy's financial performance has been affected by the lowered prices of natural gas. The clean energy industry operates on renewable source of energy. The sector can attract investment opportunities for better R&D (research and development). CLNE shares traded near the lower end of their 52-week range. The company's third-quarter 2015 results showed that revenue went down 11 percent year-over-year. Clean Energy's product and revenue performance had diminished in the first nine months of the year, Are investors able to look past Clean Energy Fuels' weakness?

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