Ford Recalls SUVs on Brake Interference

Slamming on the brakes in a 2013 Ford
Escape Crossover may not be as easy as one would hope, which is exactly why the car dealer has decided to
bring the new model back in for modifications
. As of Sunday, the automaker recalled 10,000 Escapes due to carpet padding that may interfere with braking. According to The Wall Street Journal, Ford has decided to request that the SUVs be temporarily returned as safety issues have become apparent since the recent release of the newly redesigned Escape. The company is responsible for installing carpet on the driver's side that ultimately decreases the space between the carpet, trim and pedals. As a result, the driver may hit the side of the brake with their foot when shifting over from the accelerator pedal, thus slowing the stopping of the vehicle and increasing the risk of a collision. When it comes to consumer safety, nothing is looked upon more importantly in the auto industry. Should Ford be gearing up to do some intense damage control following the recall? The auto retailer has already promised the approximately 8,300 affected customers a brand new panel free of charge, with repairs set to begin taking place July 23rd. While this action is clearly helpful to drivers who could be affected by the recall, consumers could experience a negative bout of déjà vu that turns them off to the company overall. Toyota's
June recall stretched to over 150,000 customers, citing the same floor mat issues. However, the difference between the two companies is that Ford has made the decision to take full responsibility for the mishap, while Toyota debated whether or not the driver was to blame. "Sometimes, owners use floor mats from another vehicle," Toyota spokesman Mike Michels told
Design News
. "Sometimes, they use aftermarket mats. We've even found carpet remnants stacked on the floor. The record was eight -- in that case, you couldn't even see the accelerator pedal." While Toyota experienced negative market shares effects from its floor mat issue, Ford's latest recall comes at a time when the company has been performing quite well. Both Ford and General Motors
have experienced a pick-up in sales throughout recent months, with each vehicle manufacturer beating forecasts throughout April, May and June. Analysts at Jefferies recently reported that Ford sales increased especially in June, up 7 percent year-over-year. However, General Motors snuck away up more than double that number with year-over-year sales up 16 percent. The competition continues to thicken in the heart of the motor city, as General Motors has also been releasing a lot of news regarding the future of the company. Just last week, the auto maker announced that it will begin
hiring thousands
of new workers. While Ford likely wishes it could escape its most recent recall, the company will continue trucking through whatever scrutiny it may face and work to the rectify the safety issues. Owners of the 2013 Ford Escape model that could be affected may call 866-436-7332 to find out more information. Ford closed Friday at $9.27, down approximately 14 percent year-to-date. The automaker was down about 0.25% in premarket trading Monday morning.

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