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Spiritus Becomes The First Car To Mine Cryptocurrency, Including Bitcoin And Dogecoin

Spiritus, an electric car made by light electric vehicle manufacturer Daymak, will mine cryptocurrency when idle.

What Happened: According to an announcement published on Tuesday, Spiritus will be able to mine several cryptocurrencies and then settled in Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE), Ether (CRYPTO: ETH), or Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC). The company's first prototype of the car has already started mining cryptocurrency using the company's patent-pending Daymak Nebula platform.

Daymak's Nebula platform is a crypto mining tool suite for electric vehicles that will allow its cars to mine and manage cryptocurrencies. 

"Using this technology, the Daymak Spiritus will be the first car in history to continuously make money for its owner," the manufacturer said in the press release.

The firm already announced that its Spiritus would mine cryptocurrencies on June 1st.

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Now that its prototype started mining, the company launched a website streaming the profits made by the car through mining, raking in an estimated $11.85 per day as of press time.

The Spiritus can be bought with cryptocurrency, with the base model costing $19,995 and the premium one for $149,000.

The car will also feature solar panels, as, according to the company, "the Spiritus fleet will be the most environmentally-friendly crypto miner nodes on the blockchain."

Image: Courtesy of Daymak

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