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A Paradigm Shift- From Traditional Cigarettes to Electronic Cigarettes


What Are E-Cigarettes?

Tired 0f using traditional hazardous cigarettes? Give a try to harmless electronic cigarettes. The hottest debate in modern societies is the use Of electronic cigarettes and how they have shaped and changed our traditional tobacco industry. What actually Are electronic cigarettes? It is simply the vaporizer with a rechargeable battery That gives the feel Of smoking. It doesn’t produce smoke which is hazardous for the human health rather a mist is produced. The electronic cigarettes contain liquid That vaporizes and give the feel Of tobacco smoking. The electronic liquid comprises Of several elements or chemical along with flavorings added to It but the level Of nicotine is quite low As compare to the traditional smoking.

The concept Of electronic cigarettes in 2003 was given by a 52 year old pharmacist belonging to Beijing, china who was himself a chain smoker. He was inspired to invent such a product after His father died through lung cancer caused by intensive smoking. It almost took three years from 2003 when It first came on to the market in china to Europe and Britain where It was launched in 2006-7. Though the electronic cigarettes first came into market in 2003 but the movement towards safer smoking started in 1960 when following the reactions Of several research institutions, Wills the largest seller at That time invested in producing the cigarettes with less nicotine and tar amount. Wills produced cigars and pipes That contain low amount Of nicotine apart from 4800 poisonous chemicals included in the cigarettes. It was the era Of 1970’s and onwards when Britain and American tobacco companies started making alternative products to smoking As the growing awareness regarding smoking being lethal set the stage for more innovative products like electronic cigarettes.

Benefits Of using E-Cigarettes:

Evidence suggests That electronic cigarettes are safer to use rather than the traditional smoking Because the level Of nicotine in traditional cigarettes is very high where As in electronic cigarettes this level is kept to the minimum level. Moreover the smoke produced by traditional cigarettes is very harmful for the smoker and also the people surrounding him but this isn’t the case for electronic cigarettes Because It produces a mist rather than smoke. Electronic cigarettes reviews has provided with the evidence That electronic cigarettes actually help in quitting cigarettes. The emission Of mist from electronic cigarettes is also not a concern to the environment and people near You, As the smoke doesn’t harm anyone.

Leading Brands Of E-Cigarettes:

Currently there are 466 brands Of electronic cigarettes in the market which are being used by smokers and apart from this there exist 7764 unique flavors. This was revealed in a research carried out by Shu-Hong Zhu, Jessica Y Sun, Erika Bonnie, Sharon E Cummins, Anthony Gamst, Lu Yin and Madeleine Lee. These include leading brands such As vaporfi, V2 pro, South Peach, Green Smoke, Bull Smoke and Cig Avette.

Shift In Paradigm:

Before the invention Of electronic cigarettes, the traditional tobacco industry dominated the market but after the invention Of electronic cigarettes, this industry has changed altogether. The shift from traditional cigarettes is evident from the fact That in 2010 UK alone, 2.7% people used electronic cigarettes while this share grew to 10.7% in 2014. This increase in market share shows clearly That people are switching to electronic cigarettes.

Famous tobacco analyst Bushnell identified the electronic cigarettes to be the most important threat to the traditional tobacco industry. Whereas Bonnie Herzog the market analyst at Wells Fargo predicted That the demand for the electronic cigarettes would surpass the demand for traditional cigarettes till next decade. E cigarette business has continuously increased from few thousand smokers in 2006 to several million around the globe. It was supported by the fact That the sales Of traditional cigarettes actually dropped by 4.5% last year and also That 31% more shelf space was given to electronic cigarettes As compare to last year. These facts have certainly buzzed the real cigarettes manufacturing companies and they have now started investing in electronic cigarettes researches and hence this e cigarettes market has evolved into a lucrative market for the investors.   

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