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New Ford to Make Roaring Debut with Digital Audio-Enhanced Engine Noise


In a rather uncommon yet insanely cool development, it was announced the new Ford Mustang 2015 will make a roaring debut sometime next year and with digital audio technology lending its engine a powerful vintage noise, several reports revealed.

According to a report on Digital Spy, the upcoming Ford EcoBoost engine has a more refined sound than four-cylinder Mustangs but pimped with a “vintage aural experience.”

“With the EcoBoost engine we have both active noise cancellation and we also amplify the existing engine sound order,” Ford Mustang chief engineer Dave Perciak was quoted as saying in Car Magazine, Digital Spy reported.

“We don't create an artificial sound; we don't pluck one off the shelf; we bring in the real sound, process it, and play it through the car's speakers.

“Today's V6 sounds fantastic, and although the EcoBoost won't sound like a V8, it won't sound like it doesn't belong in a Mustang, either.”

Motor journalists and purists were not too big on using fake engine noises on the handsome car, but Ford argued that it was only giving what the customers wanted. Tech Times reported that a group of Mustang fans were convened to join clinics held by Ford where they were asked to chime in on the digital audio feature.

Digital audio technology is slowly creeping into automotive, which only goes to show the breadth of potential the technology offers a variety of industries. One of its reported notable uses was in the health care setting for the treatment of eye problems, mental health issues, autism spectrum disorders and other medical needs, as detailed in book Music Technology in Therapeutic and Health Settings. An app, SingFit, is also another example of the growing collection of digital audio technologies used to help adults, and older ones, suffering from dementia, to stay mentally fit.

Digital audio is also shaping the way remote communities, non-profits and news agencies work together. Audioboom, an online spoken word platform developed by Audioboom Group PLC (BOOM.L), is a free service that allows said entities to publish their content to mobilize communities and provide a platform for them to share their experiences and compelling news, according to an independent report on

“Audio is an intimate and immediate medium allowing anyone to share their story with the World,” Audioboom said on its website.

From enhancing car engine sounds to managing dementia and keeping the world informed 24/7, digital audio is indeed changing people’s lives in many ways they have never seen before. Learn more about digital audio by subscribing to updates on Audioboom’s official website, or the great investment opportunities its platform offers by visiting the company’s investor relations website, and by contacting its London headquarters at +44 207 403 6688. 

Audioboom is a digital audio social media company headquartered in London. It caters to consumers and businesses worldwide that need an avenue for their spoken word content. Its platform has grown to over 3 million registered users and has reached 260 million page impressions in August. The company is rapidly expanding in the U.S., U.K. and Australia and is set to be entering the Mumbai market soon. 

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