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Weight Management Products Market - Helping the World Fight Obesity


Weight management and the products required for attaining effective weight management have transformed to mammoth industries today. The extremely busy urban lives of a major portion of world population, unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise are leading to overweight and obesity. Overweight and obesity are not themselves serious issues; the myriad of health problems that come uninformed with these two conditions is the concern. The conditions of obesity and overweight are linked with several life threatening conditions, and lead to low self-confidence. Not only this, these conditions are a major concern from the global health standpoint. 

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WHO states that the world currently has more than 2 billion overweight and obese adults. It is essential to note here that this figure does not count the number of overweight and obese children and teenagers. The highest number of overweight and obese people, and thus the largest pool of end-user of weight management products reside in the U.S. But obesity and weight management have no longer remained confined to regional boundaries – they are spreading at a significant pace and are a global concern.  

This is why the global market of weight management products is fast flourishing and is heading towards a more stable phase.  Traditionally, the weight management products market flourished in the American and European regional markets. But with rising globalization, and the consecutive trend of urbanization led the weight management market in emerging economies such as Asia-Pacific flourish in the past decade.  

Weight Management Products Market – Market Statistics

Market experts cite that the global weight management products market could have been worth more than U.S. $500 billion in 2013. While marginal loss of weight can be easily achieved through the personal efforts, overweight and obesity issues require the involvement of weight management products. The global market of weight management products is clearly driven by the rising issue of overweight and obesity, and also due to the increasing popularity of healthy and organic food, and the emergence of Asia Pacific regions as potential spenders on fitness products. 

The rising concern of fitness and health consciousness among women across the globe, as precautionary measures against fatal chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes, is also leading to substantial growth of the global weight management products market. 

North America is the largest geographic segment of the global weight management products market, and is driven by increased awareness about health and fitness, and larger availability of weight management products and services in the region. The second largest revenue generator of the market is Europe, followed by Asia Pacific. 

Weight Management Products Market – Segmentation

The global market of weight management products is full of a huge number of innovative products. It covers a wide variety of products such as weight management foods, beverages and substitutes, weight management supplements and drugs, weight management accessories and devices, and weight management ingredients. 

The most popular weight management foods, beverages and substitutes include products such as reduced-sugar, low-carbohydrate and reduced fat products, artificial sweeteners, meal replacements and organic foodstuffs. 

The market segment of weight management supplements and drugs include products such as short-term and long term general anti-obesity prescription medicines, over-the-counter drugs, cosmetics and supplements. 

Ingredients such as fat and carbohydrate blockers, fat burners, appetite suppressants, and ingredients in injections and medicines are covered by the market segment of weight management ingredients.

Prominent devices in the market segment of weight management accessories and devices include weight management products such as sports equipment, multi stack gyms, home gyms, and other accessories.

Weight management products are distributed through channels such as consultation and dietary services, home delivery chains of diet-food, commercial weight-loss chains, health clubs, and professional invasive and non-invasive weight loss methods. 

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