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Logistics Market - Global And China Forecast, 2017

This report provides an overview of the global logistics market scenario, before explaining each important area - based on type, products, and application - within this market. As well as estimating market value of logistics market in USD million, the report supplies accurate market forecasts for the market’s size and rate of movement. In this market intelligence report, our analysts discuss in detail figures across each vertical within this market. The report further analyzes the scope of the logistics market’s growth rate and capacity. There is also an analytical of the historical data. Other important factors, including the growth drivers and restraining attributes are elaborated in this market research report.
This report is a discussion of the overall landscape of the logistics market, and discusses the competition involved, the related regulatory obligations and bodies, the value chain, and the powers available to key stakeholders. The research report uses a wide range of details and structures them into an easy-to-understand methodology. The use of Porter’s five forces model, SWOT analysis and a detailed study of the value chain helps you keep pace with the projected opportunities and competition in the logistics market.
The logistics market is a part of the transportation market, one of the largest markets in the world today. Most logistics market services revolve around the operation of trucks, taxis, airplanes, ships, trains, barges, courier services, and warehouse storage. It has risen by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Logistics and shipping have their origins in the military support regiments, from a time when they required war supplies delivered to them over long distances. Today, the market is filled with electronic goods, expiry-dated foods, mechanical instruments, raw materials, and finished goods, all travelling on short-order and long-distance deliveries, through either private or government services.
Key driving factors for the logistics market include improvements in transportation methods and a relative reduction in trade barriers in both domestic and international transportation. Many governments are now in support of broader areas of logistics. The leading geographies in the market are North America and Europe. Countries like India and China, along with others from the Asia-Pacific region as well as Africa are witnessing a markedly strong growth in the transportation business. The major segments in the logistics market are industrial materials, High-tech goods, pharmaceuticals, fashion/textiles, retail products, chemicals, automotive goods, and aerospace and defense. The key restraints include rising fuel costs and unsuitable weather conditions.

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