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Who Are The Richest Superheroes Of All Time?


When you try to think about who the riches superheroes are, most people will first point out Ironman. Tony Stark is a multi-billionaire that runs Stark Industries, a company worth billions of dollars. He is a genius and designs his suits all by himself. He was the mastermind behind the Ironman suits and according to the comics; he spent $1.5 billion on them. His company focuses on weaponry and makes a killing on it. His access to money combined with his smarts is why he is able to create the Ironman suit which practically gave him super powers.

According to the Buddy Loan’s Infographics below, although Ironman is one of the richest superheroes of all time, he pales in comparison to the Black Panther. The Black Panther owns a fictional country in Africa that happens to resource all of this fictional worlds vibranium. Vibranium is an extremely valuable metal that can be used in weaponry which is how he became so wealthy.

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The majority of writers and super hero creators have taken wealth as a way of explaining how the superheroes gained their powers and abilities. There are many superheroes like Batman, Iron Man and the Black Panther who use wealth as one of their main sources of power.

In the case of Ironman, for example, Tony Stark used his brilliant mind along with the billions of dollars that he has access to in order to create the Ironman suits. Likewise, Batman’s inherited wealth allowed him to create his suit and implement all of the technologies that he uses to fight crime on a nightly basis.

It is not easy getting together all the costumes needed to fight crime and be a Superhero. You would dare not go out bare-handed to protect the society from evils. You must have the required gadgets and it doesn’t come cheap. 

Let’s see what are the gadgets needed to be a Superhero. A cap and a pair of tights isn’t going to make it any more. Let’s see what Jack Nicholson said in the very first Batman film as the Joker, the Joker says to his henchmen, “where does he get all those wonderful toys?” Batman has the money as one of the richest men in Gotham City, so he can afford all those toys.

These superheroes all started out as regular people and use their mind along with their massive wealth to take it upon themselves to fight crime and make the world a better place. Without these wealthy back stories, the audience that reads the comics of these superheroes may not have necessarily bought into the idea that they can do what they were able to do in their stories. Throughout all of these comics and many others, the author of world’s richest superheroes was able to successfully explain how these unique and unbelievable abilities came into existence for each of these heroes.  Below is the Infographics that explain the superheroes theory very well.

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