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Global Image Guided Surgery Market  - Research, Industry Outlook and Forecast, 2014-2020


Image guided surgery makes use of preoperative images to precisely guide surgical instruments by correlating the operative field. The image guidance systems also help in seamless procedure planning, thus reducing chances of error and also minimizing procedure time. With image guided systems, overall productivity is increased and being minimally invasive, allows quick recovery and shorter hospital stay. The technique was initially developed for neurosurgeries, which is one of the most critical procedures. ENT surgeries still remain the main area of application of image guided surgery systems. Major indications where image guided surgery can be performed are sinus surgery, and treatment of diseases which critical areas of cerebrum where chances of error must be minimum. Oncology is a major area of application of image guided surgery, where various methods are tried and tested for efficient treatment. With the development of technology and optimization of procedures, image guided surgery is expected to be the main stay for neurological surgeries, especially in treatment of brain tumor.

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Ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed topography (CT) are majorly applied in image guidance systems. Fluorescence image guided surgery is also becoming popular, as it cost effective as compared to other devices, but poor depth penetration is a restraint. Fluorescent dyes are used to stain the abnormal tissues and light with different filters is used for visualization. Indocyanine green and methylene blue are commonly used dyes for fluorescence image guided surgery. This technology has been further refined by combining it with endoscopy devices. Robot assisted surgeries have also helped in minimizing errors during surgery and have also helped surgeons to carry out critical surgeries effectively.

These robot assisted systems are also combined with image guided surgery systems. Brainlab manufactured Curve Image Guided Surgery Systems and MAKO manufactured MAKOplasty systems are few examples of latest technology robot assisted image guided surgery systems. Advent of high definition (HD) and three dimensional (3D) visualization systems have further revolutionized the image guided surgery systems by improving image quality and improving depth perception. Ergonomic and miniaturized devices have made procedures convenient to surgeons. These factors will increase the adoption of image guided surgery systems and hence assist market growth.

Statistics published by National Cancer Institute, U.S. indicate that there were more than 150,000 individuals diagnosed with some type of cancer of nervous system including brain cancer in the U.S. alone. The statistics also estimated approximately 14,000 new cases may arise by 2014 in the U.S. According to a healthcare website, MedIndia, primary brain tumor accounts for 20% of the cancers in pediatrics in India. Such high prevalence and ever increasing burden will increase the customer base for image guided surgery market globally.

Higher cost however is restraining the market growth in developing countries where hospitals do not have enough funds to upgrade their hospitals to expensive latest technology. Moreover lack of skilled surgeons for image guided surgery is also a major factor affecting its adoption. Furthermore patients in developing and under developed countries do not have the basic ability to pay for expensive treatments and hence opt for cost effective surgeries options. Hence the market for image guided surgeries is currently abominated by North American and European countries. Favorable reimbursement policies, surgeon training and development events, well equipped hospitals are driving the market. Some of the key players in this market include MAKO Surgical Corp. (acquired by Stryker), Medtronic, Brainlab AG, Scopis Medical, Claron Technology, Inc., and GE Healthcare.

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