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Global Specialty Silica Market: Trends & Opportunities (2014-2019) – New Report by Daedal Research


The report titled “Global Specialty Silica Market: Trends and Opportunities (2014-2019)’’ provides an in-depth analysis of the Global Specialty Silica market with focus on its major segments- Precipitated Silica and Fumed Silica.

The report assesses the market size and trends of specialty silica globally. The report provides specific insights on the market size, penetration, drivers, developments and future outlook of the specialty silica market globally and in the three main regions. Also, the key opportunities, the factors driving growth of the market and challenges being faced by the players in the industry are outlined and analyzed in the forecast period (2014-19). The report also analyzes market environment factors and industry structure, evaluates market share and further, key players of the industry like Evonik Industries, Solvay and PPG Industries are profiled.

Regional Coverage

North America
Western Europe

Company Coverage


Executive Summary

Silica, in its many forms, is a necessary component for a wide range of products and construction materials around the world. Specialty Silica (precipitated, fumed and silica gel) play a vital role in a wide range of end use markets spanning rubber, elastomers, electronics, print media, chemical mechanical planarization, polymers and footwear among other applications. With such a diverse range of important applications, demand for silica is on the rise in many countries.

Precipitated Silica holds the majority of the share of the overall Global Specialty Silica Market and is growing at an accelerated pace mainly on the back of growth in the automobile and construction sector and also the increasing adoption of green tyres. Highly Dispersible Silica (HDS), made from sand, enables to produce green tyres and it is used to transform the performance of the tyre for both fuel efficiency (easier for the tyre to roll) and safety (improved traction) without sacrificing the overall life of the tyre. In combination with silanes, it allows producing tyres with a significantly reduced rolling resistance can save fuel consumption over cars with conventional tyres.


Table of Contents:


1. Executive Summary

2. Silica: An Introduction

2.1 Origin and Occurrence

2.2 Classification of Silica

2.2.1 Precipitated silica

2.2.2 Fumed Silica

2.2.3 Silica Gel

2.2.4 Silica Minerals

2.2.5 Silicones

2.3 Other Applications of Silica

3. Global Specialty Silica Market Size: An Analysis

3.1 Global Specialty Silica Market: Sizing and Growth

3.1.1 Global Specialty Silica Market Size and Growth: By Volume

3.1.2 Global Specialty Silica Market Size and Growth: By Value

4. Global Specialty Silica Market: Segment Analysis

4.1 Precipitated Silica Market: An Overview

4.2 Precipitated Silica Market: End-use Analysis

4.2.1 Green Tyres

4.2.2 Low Rolling Resistance Tyres

4.3 Fumed Silica Market: An Overview

4.4 Fumed Silica Market: End-use Analysis

4.4.1 Silicone Rubber

5. Global Specialty Silica Market: Regional Analysis

5.1 North America

5.2 Asia-Pacific

5.3 Western Europe

6. Market Dynamics: Global Specialty Silica Market:

6.1 Growth Drivers

6.1.1 Economic Situations: GDP

6.1.2 Construction Industry

6.1.3 Technology Push

6.1.4 Enabling Factors

6.2 Challenges

6.2.1 Demand and Supply Gap

6.2.2 Tightly Held Technology

7. Global Specialty Silica Market: Trends

7.1 Shale Gas Boom Leads the Surge

7.2 Substitution of conventional materials

7.3 Rubber to be the fastest growing market

7.4 Asia/Pacific region to offer best growth opportunities

8. Competitive Landscape: Global Specialty Silica Market

9. Company Profiles: Global Specialty Silica Market

9.1 Evonik

9.1.1 Business Overview

9.1.2 Financial Overview

9.1.3 Business Strategies

9.2 Solvay

9.2.1 Business Overview

9.2.2 Financial Overview

9.2.3 Business Strategies

9.3 PPG Industries

9.3.1 Business Overview

9.3.2 Financial Overview

9.3.3 Business Strategies


List of Figures


Figure 1: Global Specialty Silica Market Size by Volume, 2008-13 (Million Metric Tons)

Figure 2: Global Specialty Silica Market Size by Volume, 2014-19E (Million Metric Tons)

Figure 3: Global Specialty Silica Market by Value, 2008-13 (US$ Billions)

Figure 4: Global Specialty Silica Market Demand by Value, 2014-19E (US$ Billions)

Figure 5: Precipitated silica geographic demand, 2012-13

Figure 6: Precipitated silica market by Application, 2013

Figure 7: Fumed silica demand by region (2013)

Figure 8: Specialty Silica Demand in North America 2009-14E (Million Tonnes)

Figure 9: Specialty Silica Exports by U.S.A ,2013 (by Dollar value)

Figure 10: Specialty Silica Demand in Asia-Pacific, 2009-14E (Million Tonnes)

Figure 11: Specialty Silica Demand in Western Europe, 2009-14E (Million Tonnes)

Figure 12: HDS leading players, 2013-14

Figure 13: Market Share of Leading Players in Precipitated Silica, 2012-13

Figure 14: Fumed Silica Leading Players, 2013

Figure 15: Silicones leading players, 2013

Figure 16: Evonik’s Revenue from Specialty Materials, 2013 (US$ Millions)

Figure 17: Evonik’s Sales by Segment, 2013

Figure 18: Evonik’s Revenue from Operations, 2011-13 (US$ Millions)

Figure 19: Solvay’s Revenue from Silica Segment, 2012-13 (US$ Millions)

Figure 20: Solvay’s Revenue from Operations, 2011-13 (US$ Millions)

Figure 21: Revenue of PPG from Optical and Specialty Materials Segment, 2011-13 (US$ Millions)

Figure 22: Revenue of PPG from Operations, 2011-13 (US$ Millions)

Figure 23: PPG’s Profit by Segment, 2013


List of Tables


Table 1: Precipitated Silica – End-Use Market CAGR (2012-2020E)

Table 2: Global Tire Capacity Additions by Country, 2013-2018

(Millions of units per year)

Table 3: Fumed Silica: Market Growth in End-Use Application (2012-2016E)

Table 4: Precipitated Silica/HDS Companies and Brands Portfolio

Table 5: Fumed Silica Companies and Brands Portfolio

Table 6: Brand Portfolio of Evonik in Specialty Silica Segment

Table 7: Solvay’s Brands and Products Portfolio in Silica Segment

Table 8: PPG’s Brands and Products Portfolio


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