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Pen Drive A World in your Pocket- Lets discover it

Pen Drive A World in your Pocket- Lets discover it

Floppy disks are rotating at wide level in these days, today there are much better source of storage, with pen drive is the best & supportive and simple way of backing up data. These are also popular as thumb drives or flash drives as these gadgets are completely portable and easy to approach at different capacities with 256MB considered the lowest and 1TB and 2TB pen drives are surrounded in production hole.

Ball Pen Drives are removable & rewriteable which can be used on almost all types of devices other than desktop computers either laptops like audio players, play station, DVD players, XBOX 360, LED/LCD televisions and many others. Such type of devices is soothing for transferring data files, audio & video from a computer. This is known as pen drive from the reality that it has retractable port connector such as ballpoint pen and is small enough to adjust into the pocket.

 Some Hidden Features You can Enjoy

Once the drive is attached to the USB port, files are easy to drag & drop either copied or pasted into the driver memory. If someone has pen drives, it means he can enjoy several benefits besides from portability & size. This is a betterment on both compact disk & floppy disk and can transport data so quickly. Without rotating parts these worthy state pen drives usually long-term and data stored in it is safe unlike the floppies. Completely depend upon storage size, Ball Pen Drives can hold anywhere from 128 MB to 32 GB or more from comparison, a superb standard CD-ROM manages about 700 MB of data.

This is easy to purchase Pen Drive that fulfills the needs of online shopping portals. One can shop for all leading brands through Transcend to SanDisk with all storage capacities. There are many websites that provide the flash drives at competitive prices, one can get more info after reading its reviews, and compare price & features before someone take final decision to buy. If you are planning to buy online pen drive or want to write something on it then must do proper search before taking any final decision.

One has no longer need pull its laptop at the time of travelling. You can save your all videos, presentations, files apart from music, movies, documents & games into the pen drives and carry them. Ball Pen flash drives with amazing storage value such as 8GB pen drive either 16GB flash drive are easy to purchase online and can be ordered from your home.

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