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The birth of Aahad hurt everyone


The Organization took over the responsibility of his treatment and was sent to Bangalore

All the members of the family had a dream of having a son. Although, the wish was fulfilled, but even then,  the much awaited  birth of the baby boy after two baby girls in the family didn’t provide much joy to the family members as the kid had to be shifted to the hospital after some hours of his birth, as he was suffering from a critical disease. The family members became greatly concerned at this shocking news and started shedding tears.

The said misfortune incident took place in the family of Mr. Salim, a resident of Mehmood Khan of Sarai village of Sambhal tehsili n Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh, India. The 6 month old ‘Aahad’ was suffering from critical disease namely ‘Occipital Bone Hernation’. He took birth with an enlarged gland on the back side of his head. After his birth, he was taken to a hospital at Sambhal for treatment.  The doctors of the Sambhal hospital advised Mr. Salim to get the kid examined at a hospital in Delhi. Salim, along with his wife Nazreen, took the kid to Delhi, where the son was admitted in a government hospital and was kept there for 22 days.  The kid underwent all the necessary medical tests, but no proper treatment could be possible over there.  The ‘tumour’ of Aahad gradually began to inflamate in size and within a span of 6 months, the weight of the tumour raised to half a kilogram.  The kid couldn’t ever afford to have a sound sleep. He could sleep only towards a single side. He used to weep the whole day. The parents became dejected and, along with the kid, returned home.  One day, Nazreen witnessed the message disclosing the detail regarding ‘Free of Cost’ treatment of the children suffering from polio and other critical diseases at ‘Narayan Sewa Sansthan’, Udaipur. It certainly kindled a cherish of hope and the parents brought the kid to Udaipur. According to Salim, he is an electrician by profession and his monthly income from the said profession is merely Rupees 4000/- per month.  In such circumstances, it was next to impossible for Salim to bear high expenses on the treatment of his kid.

 Hearing the grievances of Salim and realizing the critical condition of the kid, the official authorities of the Organization immediately developed a contact with ‘Narayan Hridyalaya (a specialized hospital for the treatment of critical diseases) and sent Mr. Salim along with the kid to Bangalore. The treatment of the kid has already begun. The Organization has arranged for the ‘Free of Cost’ ‘lodging & boarding’ facilities for the family along with the ‘Free of Cost’ treatment of the kid.

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