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David Beckham Drew Flak for Endorsing Whisky


A group of anti-alcohol abuse criticized football superstar David Beckham for his endorsement of a local whisky brand in the UK.


Emily Robinson, Deputy Chief Executive of Alcohol Concern commented on the news that Beckham is now the endorser of a whisky brand for Diageo, said, “It’s incredibly disappointing that David Beckham, a global icon who has wide appeal to children has chosen to use his sports star image to promote spirits. Given David Beckham’s other roles promoting sport and a healthy lifestyle to children, we believe this will send a confusing message to them about the dangers of alcohol and its impact on a healthy lifestyle and we call on the star to rethink his association with this product.”


But while the football superstar drew flak over his latest endorsement deal, Gary Lineker received praises from the group for criticizing alcohol sponsorship of football.


Alcohol Concern Ambassador, Alastair Campbell interviewed Lineker in the September issue of GQ Magazine where alcohol sponsorship was one of a range of topics discussed.


Tom Smith, Policy Program Manager at Alcohol Concern, said, “We applaud Gary Lineker going public with his criticism of alcohol sponsorship of football.  Sadly the game is saturated with it even though huge numbers of the audience are children.


“We need more high profile figures like him to come forward and say that it’s time football is alcohol sponsorship free. We also need more players to follow his lead and say no to personal sponsorship deals with alcohol companies.


“The Government acknowledges the link between alcohol advertising and drinking, particularly in under 18’s, which is why we are calling for tougher action on alcohol advertising in sport.”


Alcohol Concern is campaigning for an end to sports sponsorship by alcohol brands.


Substance and alcohol abuse rehabilitation clinic BioCorRx, Inc. (OTCQB: BICX)  Chief Operating Officer Brady Granier commented on the need to address the issue of alcohol abuse especially amongst young adults. He said alcoholism is a serious social issue with serious consequences not only to the alcoholics but to the community as a whole.


Granier commented, “Alcohol abuse costs the economy over $220 billion annually when one factors in property damage, burden on the healthcare system, and loss of production in the labor force.”


In its web site, Alcohol Concern said alcohol is a complex issue that can be sold legally and people enjoy drinking. The group claims they are not anti-alcohol. However the evidence is clear: alcohol can cause a range of health problems such as stroke, cancers, high blood pressure and heart disease, and is associated with many different types of crime such as violence and antisocial behavior. While some people can enjoy alcohol moderately and within recommended guidelines, for others alcohol can be a devastating addiction and effectively destroy their lives. It is estimated that over 1.6 million people in the UK are living with an alcohol addiction, the group said.


“We campaign to reduce the effects of alcohol related harm.  We undertake research and policy projects to inform and provide an evidence base to our campaigns. We respond to the media and political environment and produce relevant publications. We provide training and advice to organizations on how to deal with alcohol effectively. We reflect the needs of our supporters and stakeholders in the alcohol sector and coordinate activity on behalf of the sector,” the group said.


 BioCorRx, Inc. has developed an innovative approach to alcohol and opioid abuse treatment called the Start Fresh Program that is believed by some experts to be a “game-changer” in the rehabilitation sector.

The Start Fresh Program is a two-tiered program used by local addiction clinics across the United States which involves an outpatient medical procedure and psycho-social coaching. 

The program’s first component involves an outpatient medical procedure to embed BioCorRx’s biodegradable naltrexone implant under the abdominal skin and fatty tissue. The implant then delivers therapeutic levels of the antagonist drug, naltrexone, into the bloodstream which can curb one’s cravings for alcohol or opioids. The program is administered on an out-patient basis over an average of 6-8 months and can be done without the need to miss more than one day or work in most cases.

Learn more information about the Start Fresh Program from BioCorRx, Inc. by visiting its website

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