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How To Remove Cellulite In The Beauty Salon?


Is cellulite and excess fat on your body you spend sleepless nights? All household methods of liquidation of failed? Would you like to have a beautiful and healthy looking body? Check the Professional Treatments are carried out in beauty salons. Elimination of excess fat on the abdomen and thighs Effective in this case is a procedure that takes as massage beautician pump suction , vacuum-operated. The effect of this massage is firming skin, accelerate burning of fat cells and remove toxins from the body. Duration is determined beautician. Usually performed 6 - 8 treatments Lymphatic drainage for cellulite With this surgery cosmetic uses so-called sleeve for lymphatic drainage, admitted into the air under pressure. They arise when the gentle waves that gently oppress the body. Then for a moment motion ceases, then the next wave arrives. To Get Rid Of Cellulite From Thighs By The Help Of Joey Atlas The effects are already visible after the first treatment - the skin becomes supple and smooth, and cellulite is visibly reduced. To get rid of it completely, however, should be an 8 - 10 treatments, and after a few months of treatment repeated. Cellulite removal with the film Another way to eliminate cellulite is body wrapping film. Previously, the skin lubricated with aromatic preparation, improving the blood circulation , stimulates lymph circulation and removing toxins from the body. The effects are visible after 7 - 10 treatments. After half a year of treatment must be repeated Cotton bandages effective for cellulite Beauticians also offer body wraps, cotton bandages soaked in a special blend of minerals and medicinal clays. This treatment aims at cleansing and voltage skin , soothes the irritation. Duration beautician is determined individually for each patient. At the appropriate time the bandages are removed, and the clay is allowed to completely solidify, and then washed off.

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