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new environmental pollution Raymond mill

new environmental pollution  Raymond mill

mill technology continues to progress, and materials to achieve the fineness of the smaller, corresponding application areas is also increasing. While with people health consciousness of upgrade, market on building decoration material and decorative supplies also proposed has increasingly high of requirements: paint, and pigment, and fly ash, and cement clinker, and calcium carbonate powder, and artificial stone, and barite, these and people life is closely related to of various industrial raw materials of production processing production process are without mill machine; and mill efficiency low, and energy big, and dust more, defects, is gradually became industry development of huge resistance in this situation, high performance, and Milling machinery with low pollution products has become the urgent needs of flour milling industry.

for environmental protection and energy saving products and Technology Corp technical developers believe that slag processing and steel processing equipment is the next two big potential markets. Slag is an inevitable product produced in the blast furnace ironmaking, steelmaking, such as around 12%~14% per 1 ton steel smelting slag, the current utilization of steel slag is about 10%. Most of the metal caused by slag dumped steel slag and waste of resources. Therefore, the King Kong slag crushing and grinding equipment development has good prospects, will be promoting the recycling of slag resources directly. Secondly, the only alternative in scrap iron and steel iron and steel production iron ore raw materials. Scrap steel recycling rate in China was 19.9%, far below the world average of 48.3%. Scrap steel processing industry development trends abroad is to scrap crushing and separation process as a leader, environmental protection, electro-mechanical integration technology, research and development of new integrated technology of iron and steel scrap processing, formation of new environmental protection and high-tech industries and new sources of economic growth.

new Raymond mill, is focused mainly on cement and cement clinker, coal, mineral rocks, steel mills in power plant desulphurization specially developed, raymond mill output , high grinding efficiency, reflected in the actual user is good, is a major cement factories, steel mills, power plants and grinding facilities.

Raymond mill is a technology to solve industrial mill output and low energy consumption, high technical difficulty, absorb advanced technology combined with our company for many years in Europe advanced mill design and manufacturing concept and market demand, after years of painstaking design and improvement of large grinding equipment. The device is reasonably reliable structural design, with advanced technological process, set the drying, grinding, separating, lifting in one, especially in a large flour-milling, fully meet customer demand, the main technical and economic indicators have reached the international advanced level.

Mill processing slag raymond mill into the concrete industry

at present, with the development of infrastructure, the concrete needs are in short supply, and on the premise of ensuring the quality and durability of concrete, reduces the cost of the concrete is concrete suppliers aggressively pursuing goals. Milled mineral powder equipment occurs, is one of the objective of the Peugeot.

blast furnace slag and granulated blast-furnace slag is determined by when the blast furnace molten slag quenching, crystalline bulk glassy substance formed too late. If slag separate grinding, mixed with cement after grinding to a predetermined degree of fineness or mixing when mixing concrete, its activity can be brought into full play. The fineness and particle ultrafine ground granulated blast furnace slag powder was milled mineral powder. Milled mineral powder in the world after an extensive study, milled mineral powder used as a stand-alone product in the construction market, used extensively in precast and ready-mix concrete. Those materials such as slag mill grinding, which is used for concrete, you can reduce costs while reducing the concrete slump loss and greatly improve the durability of concrete, significant increase in concrete strength, and grind to a fine powder is an excellent inhibitor of alkali-aggregate.

the current mineral powder base is increasing, many enterprises have coarse ore into fine slag Superfine grinding equipment. General furnace slag fineness to reach more than 2000 orders, many mill does not meet the requirements of customers. But with the application of milled mineral powder in concrete quickly spread, and Superfine powder engineering equipment continued to grow. SBM science and technology company specializing in the production of flour milling machine include Raymond mill, high pressure medium speed mill, three-ring medium-speed micro-powder grinder, Super pressure trapezium grinding mill, European trapezium mill, limestone flour milling machines. Mill discharge adjustable 40-3250 mesh size range. Super pressure trapezium mill is an engineer after years of research and design, is a new unique patented mill.

SBMis more attention in recent years as active admixture of milled mineral powder application technology. However, due to the enormous potential of this technology, and considerable economic benefits, as well as the remarkable improvement of the performance and durability of concrete, making its rapid promotion at an alarming rate.

SBM limited is a high-tech mining equipment company, which produced a series of milling machine is grinding equipment and mining machinery experts developed over decades of development and testing for the most advanced milling equipment. Since 1987 pilot large crushing machine, a large mill, which for more than 20 years for technology production of energy-efficient equipment by sales rank top in the industry.

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