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How to improve the spring system of cone crusher

The spring system of the cone crusher belongs to the overload protective device, therefore, its design must be reasonable. Through continuous experiment, we improve the spring system of the cone crusher and guarantee the quality of the product better.
Firstly, traditional improvement.
Part of the spring are changed for new ones, or are added a steel cushion block of over 18 millimeters thickness in later period, however, because the pressure of the new and old springs are not even and in later period, the springs are invalid. This can not solve the problem fundamentally.
Secondly, modern improvement.
Adjust the pressure of the spring again. Through calculation, adjust the pressure of the cone crusher spring from the original designed 1800 KN to 2320 KN, and compress the length of the spring from 600 millimeters to 580 millimeters.
Improve the nut of the spring. Increase the thickness of the nut by 20 millimeters, and expand the internal hole to 62 millimeters. Without the thread equipment, it make sure that the thread will not be damaged by the fanning strip in the range of 20 millimeters from the screw. We can adjust the length of the spring timely, thus guaranteeing the spring pressure for ore crushing and avoiding the insufficient pressure caused by the spring burn-in.

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