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Dissembly items of jaw crusher's moving jaw

Jaw crusher uses the up and down extrusion when the moving jaw gets close to the fixed jaw plate to grinding the material and finishing the crushing operation. It can be seen that the working strength of the moving jaw is very big. Just because of the big operation strength of the moving jaw, in the revolving process, it breaks down inevitably. Therefore, the disassembly and the maintenance of the moving jaw are inevitable as well. We will introduce the disassembly items of jaw crusher’s moving jaw in details below.
1.Before tearing down the moving jaw, we should tear down the belt wheel, the fly wheel and the sail frame supporter, etc. Then put the moving jaw on the holder sidelong and stably. Tear down the upper moving jaw cover.
2.Generally, the axis end of the eccentric shaft is equipped with shaft end and screw hole. Install the hoisting rings on this screw hole. To make the chain block and the eccentric shaft on the same vertical center line, we can pull the rings by chain block.
3.Manufacture a holder for placing the moving jaw. The length and width of the holder are determined by the size of the moving jaw, meanwhile, make sure that the holder structure is stable and the moving jaw will not move when we push it bu hand.
4.Equip a lifting hook above the holder of the moving jaw. It is mainly used by the chain block. The interplanar spacing of the hook and the holder must be bigger than the sum total of the width of the moving jaw, the length of the eccentric shaft and the minimum working height of the chain block.
5.After finishing all the above job well, heat the cutting steel plate on the corresponding bearing place of the moving jaw. The heating must be even and the time is generally between 40 minutes to 50 minutes. The steel plate can not stay at the same place for too long time in case it may damage the moving jaw. After the heating, pull the chain block to lift the eccentric shaft and the bearing out of the moving jaw cavity. Then the disassembly process of the moving jaw is completed.

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