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Working principle of the coal ash dryer


With the continuous optimization of industrial policy in our country, the environmental regulations are stricter and stricter day by day, and enterprises pay much attention to the handling of the wet coal ash. Only by drying the wet coal ash through reasonable energy consumption and simple technology, can we turn the wasted to treasure and realize the social and economic benefits of the production. The coal ash dryer is used to drying industrial dust and wasted slag such as the coal ash, ardealite and the titanium gypsum, etc. At present, the demand for the coal ash dryer in the market becomes more emergency than ever. So how does the coal ash dryer realize to dry the materials? Today let us learn about working principle of the coal ash dryer.

1. Scatter and transmit the wet material: when the hot air temperature in the furnace reaches 350 centigrade, all the devices start to work under the command of the PC system. The coal ash production line sends the coal ash whose moisture is lower than 20% into the feeding machine. The feeding machine owns double functions of scattering and transmitting and can send the material into the ribbon conveyor evenly. Then the materials enter into the material storage and be sent into the coal ash dryer evenly through the screw feeder.

2. Heat exchange in the external barrel: wet coal ash exchanges heat with the hot air sufficiently. Coal ash disperses evenly and contacts with the hot air sufficiently under the stir of the shoveling blade in the barrel to reach the purpose of heat transferring and mass transferring.

3. Drying in the middle barrel: the materials move to the other side of the external barrel and enter into the middle barrel to be dried counter currently. The materials are lifted repeatedly and continuously in the middle barrel and move by taking two steps and back one step. In the middle barrel, the materials absorb the heat of both the inner barrel and the middle barrel. At the same time, it prolongs the drying time and the materials are dried to the best status.

4. Material discharge: the dried coal ash is discharged through the material discharger at the end of the roller and turns into the finished product. The belt conveyor transmits the dried production out and completes the drying process.

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