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The reasons for the big running resistance of the coal slime dryer's dust removal device


The dust removal device of the coal slime dryer is one of the most important corollary devices. The working strength of this device is big, so in the daily use it may appear all kinds of breakdowns, for example, its running resistance may become very big under the effect of working characteristics and environment. This kind of breakdown is a common one for every coal slime dryer user. To make the coal slime dryer develop its best drying effect and help the users solve this breakdown, it is necessary for us to find out the reasons for this breakdown. Today let us learn about reasons for the big running resistance of the coal slime dryer’s dust removal device.

1. The purification of the compressed air is insufficient.

The dust removal device uses the compressed air to blow and clean the dust generally. The compressed air contains much oil, water, sundries. If the purification was insufficient or injected the compressed air into the filter bag without purification, the filter bag would be polluted or damped. As a result, the compressed air dews and the running resistance increases.

2. The dust removal device leaks air.

The dust removal device works in pressure situation. If the device leaks air, it will absorb a lot of air and water from the outside environment. The filter bag will be harden because of the damp, thus increasing the running resistance.

3. Environmental factors.

When the device handles high temperature and moisture materials, if the temperature of the gas was lower than the dew point, the gases would condense and dew and make the filter bag damp. A large amount of dust stick on the surface of the filter bag and block the hole of the filter bag. Then the blocked dust removal device loses its ash cleaning function and its running resistance increases.

4. Overuse.

The time for ash cleaning is short while the ash cleaning cycle is long. The dust in the filter bag is not cleaned completely. The dust removal device of the dryer machine will turn to filtering situation and the running resistance will rise quickly.

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