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The disassembly and assembly of the roll crusher's roll


The roll accessories of the roll crusher is the corresponding accessories inlaid above the journal, so when there is wear and tear parts, they need to be repaired or replaced .Then,how to disassemble and assemble the roll of the roll crusher ?Now ,I will introduce it in details as follows.

1.The disassembly

1, Use the special tools, such as: the spiral screw or the hydraulic tensile machine

2.After heating the disassembly parts on the shaft by the oxyacetylene flame,you can carry out the disassembly. The temperature can not exceed 700℃ , otherwise,these phenomenon, such as parts excessive oxidation ,annealing, etc will appear,which will reduce the intensity and service life of the components.

2.The assembly

(1).The press mounting.The shaft hole parts whose diameter is less than 150 mm can be struck into the leisurely with the handy hammer ,big hammer,or dropping hammer. You can also use the oil press machine for installation,and for the shaft hole parts whose diameter is more than 150 mm ,you should use the large tonnageoil press machine for the press mounting.

(2), The heating mounting. This method is suitable for assembling the components whose has large-diameter, large interference and large power.

(3), The coad mounting. Cooled and compress the shaft of the roll crusher using the coolant. When the shaft is cooled to a certain value, take the inner and outer components on the mating surfaces. When the shaft is back up to the room temperature ,the shaft and hole will firmly fixed. This method is recommended.


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