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The harm of the excessive high temperature to the double roll crusher's bearings


If the temperature of the double roll crusher 's bearings are too high and overrun , they will affect the production, and then affect the work efficiency, reducing the benefit.Then,which harm of the excessive high temperature to the double roll crusher's bearings are on earth?

1.The cooling effect is poor . The bearings work in the poor conditions, or in the case of poor cooling, which is likely to lead the lubricating greases to becoming thin resulting in loss ,affecting the cooling effect.

2. Affecting the rotation of the rotor.That the temperature of the bearing is too high will result in the bearing damage,which affects the rotation of the rotor,and influences the crushing effect of the crusher seriously.

3.The drum body is jammed .When the bearing is in the process of operation, because the shaft and the shell have different cooling conditions, they will produce the temperature difference value between the inner ring and outer ring,which leads to the shrink of the clearance value and the rising temperature of the bearing ,the bearing cannot work properly, so that the cylinder body is jammed .

4, The oil seal fails, and the lubricating grease leaks. The high temperature makes the oil seal fail, which directly causes the leakage of the lubricating grease,and makes the bearing and the bearing housing continue to work under the unlubricated condition, so the temperature rises dramatically damaging the structure .


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