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Reasons for abrasion of three-drum dryer parts


After working for a long time in high temperature condition, three-drum dryer will appear the abrasion phenomenon. Such as the size of the device parts deforms, the compatibility of two mating components decreases, etc. Those abrasions will increase the cost investment of the users, leave the drying device unused, even affect the service life of the device. But we can find out the reasons for the abrasion and the solutions of decreasing the abrasion, then improve the using efficiency of three-drum dryer. So what are the reasons that lead to abrasion of three-drum dryer parts? Today let us learn about reasons for abrasion of three-drum dryer parts.

1. The layout design is not reasonable.

Unreasonable layout design of three-drum dryer will lead to the abrasion of the back riding wheel. Because the barrel of the dryer machine is put askew on the riding wheel and the layout and size of the front and back tyre are different: the width of the front wheel is 120 millimeters while the back wheel is 105 millimeters; however, the width of the three-drum dryer’s front and back riding wheel are equal, both are 160 millimeters. It can be seen from the above data that the connecting area of the back riding wheel and the tyre is narrow, thus the back riding wheel burdens bigger pressure and it will deform easily after long time work.

2. Improper operation.

Improper operation of the workers also leads to serious abrasion of the back riding wheel. For example, when drying materials, some mining factories do not pay attention to the up and down movement of the barrel and the adjustment of the front and back riding wheel, so the applied force of the back riding wheel changes in the whole drying process and forms serious abrasion.

3. Leave the device unused for a long time.

Leaving the device unused long-term causes abrasion of the dryer machine as well. The idle machine may appear the metal corrosion rust and plastic parts aging. Abrasion of the dryer machine may result in that the device can not be used normally. If we do not check the device and change the parts, the safety coefficient and maneuverability of the machine which has been worn to some degree is sure to decrease in the working process.

4. Outer environment.

During the working process, the outer working environment of the dryer machine is various, so the tyre of the barrel will be worn when meeting with some high temperature airflow. Repairing the breakdowns leads to some certain degree of abrasion as well.

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