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Proviz Sports Highlights Importance of High Visibility Running Sportswear


Proviz Sports provides a wide range of high visibility apparel and lighting products for runners such as the High-Viz Running Jacket. Running outdoors especially at night puts a runner at risk of collision with vehicles, therefore sufficient visibility is necessary to make a runner more recognizable, and safer, on the road.

Trinity, Jersey – 07/17/2014 – Proviz Sports emphasizes the importance of high visibility running sportswear through their wide range of high visibility clothing, lighting gadgets and other safety accessories specifically designed for runners.Importantly, these products are made with both a runner’s safety and comfort in mind. Included in their line of high visibility running products are the Proviz RELFECT360 Rucksack, High-Viz RunningJacket, Triviz light pack, Proviz Flare, Hi Viz Gilet, Proviz Knee Warmer and other running accessories. PROVIZ high visibility running clothing and accessories keep runners visible and safe when out at night. The light-emitting systems, hi viz reflective materials, high quality fabrics and unique designs help ensure that a runner is comfortable and safe at all times.

Proviz Sports is very familiar of the dangers related to running. Runners are at risk of vehicle collision, especially at night, and most of these accidents are the result of the driver being unaware of the runner’s presence on the road. To stay safe while running, it is imperative to wear high visibility clothing so that a driver can see the runner from a safe distance. This gives the driver enough time to do the appropriate maneuver and avoid hitting the runner.

There are two types of high visibility clothing available in the market, fluorescent and reflective clothing. Fluorescent works best under natural sunlight while reflective material is most effective under low light conditions. According to their website,, the company specializes in the production of high visibility reflective products that are designed to keep the wearer visible and safe in all conditions. From their High-viz Running Jacket to Reflective trousers, they use a wide range of materials that enhance visibility and promote safety.
Running is an outdoor activity enjoyed by many people. Proviz Sports supports the sport by promoting safety apparel and equipment. Interested clients can visit their website and learn more about their products. For more information please visit

About Proviz Sports

Proviz Sports manufactures and retails high visibility clothing and accessories for outdoor sports such as running, horseback riding and cycling. The company is located at Rock Vale, Rue de la Burgerie, Trinity, Jersey, JE3 5AP. Their number is +44 (0) 1425 204 445 and email address is

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Rock Vale, Rue de la Burgerie,
Trinity, Jersey, JE3 5AP
Phone no: +44 (0) 1425 204 445
Email id:

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