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We all have heard the saying that you get what you pay for, but in today’s digital age that isn’t always true. There are many great business tools available for a small business to better manage, market, and profit – all for free. Some have been around for a while; others are fairly new and gaining more attention. Here are some of the best choices available to you to consider:


Running a business means you will have more things to do than you have time for most days of the week. Evernote can help make business run more smoothly can give you more opportunity and time to get everything done.You can take notes, create lists, bookmark web pages, store, document, and much more all from the comfort of one secure website and platform. You can also quickly jot down and save ideas, comments, ideas, and notes anytime anywhere from any internet enabled device. It syncs up across your computer, smartphone and tablet, giving you easy access to information that you need!


Want to access your files, documents, images, and folders from anywhere? Need to share files and folders that will not fit in an email attachment? Well, Dropbox is an extremely easy and cool way to do it – all for free. Just sign up and you can begin uploading and storing documents, photos, videos and anything else. Organize however you need or want and share information with clients, team members, customers and anyone else quickly and easily by giving them access to certain folders that have only what they need to see.


Take conferences to the next level and make them something employees look forward to rather than something they loathe and dread. The free application of Uberconference takes conferencesand makes them digital and easier than ever. Attendees can view the conference live from any internet enabled device wherever they may be at the time. You can collect feedback, share ideas, show slides and presentations, live chat, and hold your meetings anytime- no matter where the attendees may be. Know who's on the call-who's speaking-and even see social profiles of all the attendees. Take conference calling to a new level and enjoy the benefits of Uberconference- all for free.

Wave Accounting

Accounting, bills, invoices, payroll, records, payments and understanding where your money is coming from and where it is going are important parts of any business.This can be accomplished for free and with the security and access provided by the cloud with Wave Accounting. Track profits and expenses and track your bottom line day to day and month to month. Watch for naturally occurring highs and lows so you can better plan and prepare for tight times and save up during the good times. It is all possible with the tools provided by Wave Accounting, and basic membership and use are all free.


If your companydepends upon engagementsand appointments with clients in order to conduct business, then Appointlet is a free tool that can make life easier for you and your staff. Extremely popular with businesses such as dentists, doctors, cosmetics, tutors, and similar companies, this tool is becoming more and more popular. Just add a “Book Now” button and visitors can set up appointments quickly and easily right from your website. The application automatically updates in real time, so you always know what time slots are available and will know within minutes that an appointment has been filed.

Free Press Release

Spread the word about your business quickly and easily – whether you are starting up a new business or if you are promoting a new product or service to your customers. Free Press Release will help you with their amazing platform and site design to distribute your news through all of the major search engines and to the media outlets that target and specialize in your industry area. They can also assist with SEO by creating links and content that will direct visitors and potential customers back to your website. It is super easy to use and get started with Free Press Release and the basic services are all offered free of charge!

For years business has been operated on the idea that you get what you pay for, but we are beginning to see that in today’s digital age, this might not always be the case. There are many great business tools available for a small business to better manage, market, and profit – all for free. With these helpful tools in your arsenal, you are better prepared to take on the day to day tasks of business and devote more of your time and energy to the more important aspects of operating, maintaining, and growing your business.

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