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There is no denying the fact that we all want our house to look like a million bucks. But the problem is, many of us either have a light purse or don’t want to make big investments in home décor. Consequently, having an expensive-looking house remains more or less a pipe dream. Not any more. For as you will soon realize, it is not always about how extravagant you are with your money that counts, but it is more about how creatively and smartly you use it.

And who told you that home décor is all about money and little else? If you would allow me, I can suggest some great ideas that you can try with your house and make it look chic and expensive without putting any burden on your purse. These are some ideas that you can use to give your house an expensive look and feel in less expenses. In case you are looking to buy housewares, daily deals on houseware products are available at Ikoalaand it may interest you. Many of their products are aimed at the budget market and they also have a large collection that you can choose from. Here are a few cheap home décor ideas for you:

Trim down items that are too ostentatious: Too many bling items in the house can give out the message that the owner lacks good taste. A good example of bling taking over sensible home décor is extensive use of gold in the decoration. Gold may be the most in demand metal, but when it comes to home décor, the less you use it the better you stand.

Instead of gold use silver, which easily blends with any environment. And please don’t think that you are going to appear cheap, for you are not. You can choose between chrome, brushed nickel or metallic gray, which are not only easy on the eyes, but gives an aristocratic and stylish look to the place. 

Vinyls are in vogue, use them in your home décor: For naysayers, here is a caveat. Carpets can capture lots of dust and you have to repeat the arduous task of cleaning them more often than you would like to.  To top it, stains get easily stuck to carpets than they do on vinyls. Unlike carpets, vinyl flooring can be easily cleanedand they are no less attractive either. What further tip the scales in favor of vinyl flooring is they are cheaper as well.  Vinyls come in every color and pattern, and you can even make them look like hardwood, tiles, and marbles which are much costlier than vinyl.

Use flowers to add soul to the décor: No amount of expensive furniture, or for that matter any home décor item can stand up to the energy and liveliness that a bouquet of fresh flowers can bring to the place. And you can pick them right from your backyard garden, and don’t have to spend a penny.  Flowers can also reveal your softer side and add a tinge of personality to the environment.  Also, who wants to be locked up in a room that has no soul? The catch here is you may use as many precious metals you like, but it will still be like a body without any soul.

Then you can pick flowers to match your home décor and in the process play with the theme and the look of your room.

Paint the walls white: White is one color that you can use liberally with the confidence that the rest of the décor will suit just fine. Why white works is it is a bright color, looks clean, and has the ability to uplift one’s mood. The color works best when used as the backdrop against colored pieces. And if you have filled the room with items that you want the guest to notice immediately, there is not many better colors than white. If you have white colored walls or items in white, do make sure that they are clean, otherwise you may get just the opposite result of what you might be expecting.

Do away with unnecessary items: Many times we don’t even realize how unnecessary items make it to the living room, kitchen, or the drawing room. This clutter can do havoc with your best laid plans and therefore you must get them removed without any delay. With the clutter, the room would appear cheap and crass, and some people may even extend it to you, making up their minds that you have a cluttered mind and lack in style sense. Once you have removed the fluff, you also need to organize the things around your house, like putting the magazines in the rack. All the items should be clean and tidy, and for that you need to vacuum and mop the house on a regular basis.

So, go ahead and start decorating you house now.

The preceding article is from one of our external contributors. It does not represent the opinion of Benzinga and has not been edited.


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