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15 Top Tools For Efficient Global Business Management


The expanse of business to a global scale has greatly impacted both the challenges and opportunities of companies. Practically every company must now do business on a countrywide or international basis in order to effectively compete and survive. This change in business structure has created a variety of branch offices, shipping hubs, field sales teams, negotiators, and others who are either located in other parts of the world or travel to them on a regular basis. It has been projected that 2014 will see roughly 2.7 billion audio and web conferencing users, up from 2009 figures of 1.5 billion users.

It is, therefore, imperative that a well established means of communication are utilized to pass along and retrieve valuable information to and from such important business sources. A powerful web conferencing service is the solution to this all-consuming problem by providing benefits such as savings on time and travel, maximizing worker efficiency, adding flexibility, increasing employee and client engagement, and transcending geographical barriers.

Following are 15 powerful web conferencing service apps, gadgets and tools that you can select from to plan your next business meeting and increase your company’s overall communicative efficiency.

1. NavigationWifarer helps to locate Smartphone locations through Wi-Fi venues. This software for indoor-positioning then assists users with navigation for best retrieving content.

2. Flawless Meetings– When you want to set up and initiate flawless face-to-face meetings between long distance employees or clients from any PC or mobile device, even for screen sharing, UberConference is the tool to use.

3. Webcast Creation– A tool known as Convey provides people lacking the technical skills to create webcasts on a cloud-based platform that can be viewed by upwards of 10,000 others.

4. Presentation Control– Controlling presentations remotely is critical to success and Clik turns Smartphones into devices that can remotely control presentations through YouTube, Google Doc and other online sources.

5. Provide Instant Access– When employees are in the field, it can be difficult to provide them free access. BCARD provides the solution by allowing transmittable information of credentials from PCs and mobile devices to the card which can be used gain various service accesses via RFID readers.

6. Overcome Language Barriers– Take charge of foreign language challenges using the real-time translator Babelverse. Over 1,000 professional interpreters located around the world provide instant translations of almost 200 languages.

7. Simplify Buyer/Exhibitor Connections– Making connections between exhibitors and buyers at trade shows and conventions is a breeze with Match2Connect. This algorithm-based software allows for customization of companies and people most wanted to meet.

8. Conduct Mobile Device Meetings– Connect an unlimited number of people to meetings over mobile devices via the RabbleBrowser app. Attendees can either chat with the meeting initiator or between each other. Convenient icons of a thumbs-up or down allows the administrator to readily see who is available.

9. Polls and Surveys– Target surveys and social polls are often key elements of certain businesses. Use the HeyCrowd app to customize and gather what you need. Photos can be applied through the system so that options can be provided for selecting the best product, service, or person, for example.

10. Create Powerful Prezi PowerPoint Presentations– The cloud-based Prezi software allows for powerful presentations by importing PowerPoint presentations or individual slides anywhere into the platform.

11. Meet the Right People– Meeting people at events with similar business interests can be accomplished through Qrious, the pre-event email delivery app. A registration system (EventBrite) is integrated with the software and sorts through event goals, the participant’s task, specific interests, and existing networks to recommend the best people with whom to connect.

12. Conquer Digital Signage– The handy PowerSlide plug-in provides a way for the creation of digital signage through PowerPoint and scheduling slide shows at specific times. The system allows the created signage to be instantly updated.

13. Effortless Event Planning– The Doodle tool simplifies event planning with its effortless coordination with all your online calendars so that important events are in one place at your fingertips. This tool includes a Meet Me feature which conveniently reveals to others your availability.

14. Plan Meetings across Time Zones– Scheduling meetings across various time zones can be easily conquered using the World Clock Meeting Planner. Twelve worldwide cities can be added for the best meeting times for all participants.

15. Instant Meeting Minutes– Minutes from important meetings are available instantly for sharing and reference via Minutes to online meetings are stored in your browser for email sharing and are accessible from any location.

Utilizing a powerful web conferencing service is essential in today’s on-the-go global business environment for keeping all of your hubs, contacts and field agents fully informed and ready to best meet client questions and needs.

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