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Claire Berlinski, Ed.: Why Not Encourage Muslim Immigration?


Sitting here in Turkey, I can promise you this: The people here who are friendliest to the United States are the ones who have actually been there. 

Have a look at this website. These are two Turkish guys who both studied in the US. They came back and decided to open a Mixed Martial Arts academy in Istanbul. Now why does that make America safer? It makes it safer because they could no more believe the more egregious nonsense some people here believe about America and Americans than I could believe the more egregious nonsense some people in America believe about Turkey. They've seen the place with their own eyes. They brought some of it back. 

You'd have to really lack confidence in America not to believe that most people, no matter where they come from, will visit America, be pretty impressed with it, and think, "maybe some of the things they're doing here would work well back home." 

Have some faith in the seductive power of the West and the American Dream. 

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