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Poll: Romney's Nomination Would Drive Majority of Conservatives to a Third Party


RomneyNo0808Okay, take the required grain of salt, and read on.

This is from Richard Viguerie's Conservative HQ:

The votes are in, and Mitt Romney is out! While talking heads across the country are calling former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) the front-runner against President Obama, the base is simply not on board. A full 55 percent of conservative activists and Tea Partiers polled by Richard Viguerie's responded that they, “would vote for a third-party or independent candidate” if Romney were the nominee.

Only 30 percent responded that they would vote for Romney, and while eight percent were still undecided, a further seven percent said that they would not vote at all.

Third-party candidates and other GOP hopefuls can take some hope from this, as an unsurprising zero percent said a Romney nomination could drive them to vote for President Obama.

Romney's peeps are probably seeing similar poll numbers, which would explain why the Mittster is planning some kind of “healthcare address” on Thursday.

Don't be fooled, people. Romney has spent over four years defending his RomneyCare handiwork in Massachusetts, which includes taxpayer-subsidized abortions and currently features ever-increasing waits (HT Evil Teabagger) for services.

Beyond that, there's baggage, baggage and more baggage everywhere.

There's a reason Romney is the establishment press's favorite Republican now. He'll lose.

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