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BRAVADA Muscle Flex Announces its Two Reality TV Shows BRAVADA Girl and The Complete Package Have Preliminary Clearance for Broadcast on ION, America’s Fifth Most Watched National Cable Television and Affiliate Network


Jun. 3, 2010 (Business Wire) — BRAVADA Muscle Flex Inc. ( (Pink Sheets:MFLI) announced today that its two reality TV shows BRAVADA Girl™ and The Complete Package™ have been given preliminary clearance for broadcast on ION, one of the nation’s leading national cable and local affiliate networks ranked #5 nationally in viewership according to January 2010 Neilson ratings with viewers 18 – 49 years old. BRAVADA’s new reality show, BRAVADA Girl, is a suspenseful, energy packed blend of “Entourage” meets “Venus Swimwear.” It is a ground breaking 30 minute reality TV show tentatively scheduled to air at a 9:00 PM PST time slot in January 2011, that merges reality TV with television plots, dynamic character development, drama and intrigue. Actual filming of BRAVADA Girl began earlier in May. The Complete Package has been given full clearance from ION for broadcast.

The BRAVADA / ION relationship was developed and lead by Hollywood power brokers Ken Collis and Tracy Keyser of TLK Fusion (, BRAVADA’s media and reality show partner for BRAVADA Girl and The Complete Package.

What to expect from BRAVADA Girl? The unexpected of course!! BRAVADA Girl is not only a TV Reality show but a brand in the making. BRAVADA Girl is being established as a stand-alone brand in defining an all new definition of feminine beauty, sex appeal and sophistication. In developing its relationship with ION, BRAVADA and TLK Fusion strongly feel that it is working with a network partner that extends an extremely favorable relationship to grow and develop BRAVADA Girl and all of its possibilities into multiple seasons. Having a true partner that believes in the show concept, its cast of characters and its commercial success is a strong vote of confidence in establishing the show. In developing the relationship, BRAVADA will realize multiple revenue streams including that of advertising revenue generated by the BRAVADA Girl broadcast. BRAVADA along with its partner TLK Fusion shall provide additional details in the coming days. Additional information regarding The Complete Package shall be provided as they develop.

BRAVADA Muscle Flex will be launching the official BRAVADA Girl website in the coming days. Additionally, BRAVADA International and BRAVADA Productions are engaging and participating in a number of other high profile television projects. Due to the nature of one project, details cannot be disclosed till the actual air date. Disclosure regarding its additional television projects shall be provided as material developments dictate.


Set in the heart of Hollywood, California, BRAVADA Girl reality show brings the excitement and intrigue of doing business in Hollywood and blends it with all of the drama and unexpected in the search for this season’s BRAVADA Girl. Along with his “Entourage” of close friends and Hollywood socialites, Danny Alex enters the fast paced and hidden world of the Los Angeles entertainment business and brings it to life for the audience … Hollywood in all of its splendor and tragedy. He is joined by his close friends and business partners, Hollywood power brokers, Ken Collis and Tracy Keyser of TLK Fusion that help him navigate the sometimes insane world of the Hollywood entertainment business … celebrities, red carpets, personal alliances and fame. Through the never ending drama of the high rolling Hollywood life, Danny and his cortege look for that one girl, that one woman who can stand apart from the rest and be this season’s BRAVADA Girl.

A BRAVADA Girl is sassy, sexy, sophisticated and defines an entirely new standard of beauty. With each episode, you never know who will stay and which new girl will be discovered by Danny and his coterie. Some girls stay for an episode and are quickly eliminated while others continue through multiple episodes in their quest to become the BRAVADA Girl. You never know who will be left after each show. Eliminations can occur at any time … at the start, in the middle or at the end and new girls come on as new BRAVADA Girl possibilities are introduced to Danny in some very imaginative ways. From Las Vegas to the sunny beaches of California, this season’s BRAVADA Girl could come from anywhere.

Through all of the glamour and suspense of the BRAVADA Girl search, viewers are introduced to the lifestyle of being in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world. Celebrity guest appearances happen at any time as story lines and sub plots weave in and out of the BRAVADA Girl hunt. One night, Danny and his entourage find themselves at an exclusive Hollywood Hills party of one of the country’s hottest celebrities … the next day, a business meeting with Hollywood insiders.

Danny is edgy, his style is calculating and his savvy is unmistakable. Danny’s companions and crew include his closest confidant and business companion, Amy Langkamp, a BRAVADA Girl in her own right, the ever dramatic but always shrewd, Ken Collis and his partner with the right measure of diplomacy and style, Tracy Keyser, Hollywood personality Manny Streetz and many more. Viewers are treated to the richness of their defining personalities, their binding friendship and richness in their character development and likability. Danny and friends have a level of friendship that is unbreakable; each one would stand beside the other. Deep within the heart of Hollywood, the drama, sub plots and search for this season’s BRAVADA Girl will define a whole new standard of reality TV. What the viewer sees is real … its real Hollywood deals, real Hollywood personalities, real Hollywood triumphs and the gut wrenching drama when Hollywood tries to break up the tight knit camaraderie of Danny Alex and his entourage in the search of this year’s BRAVADA Girl … that one girl who defines a new standard of beauty for an entire country and a new generation, BRAVADA Girl.

BRAVADA is continuing development of its other reality show The Complete Package which it regards as a highly dynamic and complex production.

About ION Media Networks

ION Media Networks, Inc. owns and operates the nation’s largest broadcast television station group and ION Television, which reaches over 97 million U.S. television households via its nationwide broadcast television, cable and satellite distribution systems. It features popular TV series and movies from the award-winning libraries of CBS Television, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures Television, Twentieth Television and Warner Bros., among others. Using its DTV spectrum capacity, the Company has launched new digital TV brands, including Qubo, the nation’s only nationwide over-the-air kid’s network, and ION Life, a channel dedicated to active living and personal growth. It also has launched Open Mobile Ventures Corporation, a unit focused on the development of portable, mobile and out-of-home transmission technology using over-the-air digital television spectrum. For more information, visit

About BRAVADA Muscle Flex (

BRAVADA Muscle Flex is a leading edge media, health, fitness and lifestyle company that develops exciting brands through the development of internet and television media content. BRAVADA is dedicated to providing the highest quality of products, services and media that enriches and provides betterment for individuals both physically and emotionally. Through its dedication to quality, BRAVADA International delivers its products, services and media by empowering an individual through a positive experience and lifestyle through innovation. is an online ecommerce website specializing in women’s yoga clothing, women’s sportswear, female athletic wear, women’s workout wear, women’s activewear, sexy Brazilian workout clothes, sexy women’s gym wear, women’s athletic clothes, in home exercise machines, elliptical machines, magnetic elliptical machines, women’s swimwear, female workout clothes, in home twist stepper, mini cycle machines, yoga equipment and women’s fitness equipment.

This press release contains forward-looking information within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and is subject to the Safe Harbor created by those sections. This material contains statements about expected future events and/or financial results that are forward-looking in nature and subject to risks and uncertainties. Such forward-looking statements by definition involve risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of Muscle Flex Inc. to be materially different from the statements made herein. “Muscle Flex” is a Registered Trademark of Muscle Flex Inc. “The Complete Package, “BRAVADA” are trademarks of Muscle Flex Inc.

Source: Business Wire (June 3, 2010 – 5:42 PM EDT)

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