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By: Daniel Ho

iPad Future Growth

Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is poised to unveil iPad 3 on Wednesday, and the rumor is that it will have a higher resolution screen, faster processor, and 4G capability.  While these features...
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By: William K. Black

Timothy Curry: The Very Model of the Modern Failed Regulator

I explained in a 2012 column as soon as Thomas Curry was publicly identified as the likely new head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) why he was such a poor choice to be...
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By: Logan Mohtashami

Mortgage Purchase Applications Near 21st Century Lows As Q.E. Ends

Let be honest here. Why are mortgage purchase applications near 21st century lows with rates  near 4% and home ownership rates at a 19 year low, a number which is artificially high...
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By: Nejat Seyhun

Herbalife Controversy

Messrs. Ackman and Icahn are locked in a very public battle of wills over the value of Herbalife Ltd.  Mr. Ackman has taken approximately $1 billion or about 20% short position in Herbalife,...
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By: Jay Peroni

10 Technology Companies that Matter

  At Faith-Based Investor, we search for companies our investors can be “proud to own”.  This involves a thorough financial and moral analysis to find companies with good...
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By: Dan Passarelli

Bear Call Spread on Lorillard (LO)

A bear call spread involves selling a call option while purchasing a higher-strike call option with the same expiration month. The short call option is more expensive than the long call option which...
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By: Adrienne Toghraie

Adapting for Traders

A trader must learn to adapt while on his way to becoming a professional trader, and when he is enjoying his career as a professional trader. Not learning to adapt is one of the many reasons traders...
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By: Kyle Bazzy

How Much Money Do New Investors Have To Lose Before They Seek Help?

For some, it could be a few thousand dollars. For others, it could be a catastrophically large amount of money. Jay Pestrichelli and Wayne Ferbert, co-authors of Buy and Hedge: The 5 Iron Rules...
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By: Barbara Friedberg

Five Quick Tips to Boost Retirement Savings

Retirement is inevitable. At some point, you will not be able to work. Robert Teitelman wrote about the scary prospects for retirees in The Looming Retirement Crisis and What to Do About It in...
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By: Ted Allrich

United Therapeutics: Meeting Unmet Clinical Needs

Price: $47.83Earnings Growth: 106%Projected Sales Growth: 17%Forward P/E: 9.55Market Cap: $2.55 billion Why It's Featured: Explosive growth in sales and earnings with a strong drug...
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By: Michael Prus

Year End Money Moves

It’s almost 2014 and that means there are precious few days to finish your holiday shopping, spend time with your family and get your financial house in order. In all reality that last item...
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By: Brian Sozzi

The Most Interesting Things from Starbucks Analyst Day

Splashed all over the place on Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) analyst day was the gigantic amount of global store openings and remodels planned for the next five years. Even little Teavana received some...
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By: Kurtis Hemmerling

Why You Should NOT Buy a Stock Before Earnings

Earnings season is one of the most exciting times for an investor. While companies can spin a good yarn throughout the rest of the year about organic growth opportunities, the earnings announcement...
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By: George Mentz

Affordable College Education for All – By George Mentz, JD, MBA, CWM

Affordable College Education for All – By George Mentz, JD, MBA, CWM I have always wished that the USA States would allow out-of-state students to have a local tuition price.  In...
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By: Michael Thomsett

Combining the Bear and Bull in the Option Box Spread

Many option strategies are designed to create profit potential and also reduce risk. If you are willing to accept a limited level of both profit and risk, many spreads will do the trick. These...
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By: Matt Newman

RetailMeNot Valued @ $1.5B Post IPO

The online coupon site RetailMeNot went public last Friday and its shares are now 32% above their IPO price. RetailMeNot is a coupon marketplace that was founded in 2007 and started on its current...
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By: InvestorsObserver

Stocks to Watch for the Week of July 29, 2013

Michael Fowlkes, InvestorsObserver MasterCard reports second quarter results July 31 What's happening with MA: Payment processor MasterCard (NYSE: MA) will report second quarter results...
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By: AllianceBernstein

Where SMID-Caps Get Their Performance Muscle

Bruce K. Aronow and James MacGregor, portolio manager and Chief Investment Officer for Small and Mid-Cap Value Equities at AllianceBernstein, argue for opportunities in small and mid-cap growth....
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By: Stephen Miles

Five Business Lessons From the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl shows what million-dollar players and coaches are truly made of when the stakes matter most. This Sunday’s game also provided some great lessons for corporate leaders to bring...
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