Top Stories en 'Get Lit': Blend's Data Reveals How Millennials Talk About Weed <h3><strong>Meet Blend</strong></h3> <p><a href="">Blend</a> is a group-messaging app with a focus on content. By adding bots into its chat interface, the company is looking to tap into the &ldquo;AI revolution,&rdquo; joining tech giants of the likes of <strong>Apple Inc. </strong>(NASDAQ: <a class="ticker" href="">AAPL</a>), <strong>Snap Inc </strong>(NYSE: <a class="ticker" href="">SNAP</a>) and <strong>Facebook Inc </strong>(NASDAQ: <a class="ticker" href="">FB</a>).</p> <p>The premise is pretty simple: Users create chat groups and then add &ldquo;Genies&rdquo; &mdash; bots that share news and updates based on users&#039; declared interests.</p> <p>&ldquo;People use Blend as any other messenger, to make plans or chat. What we do is also integrate breaking news into the platform,&rdquo; co-founder Matt Geiger told Benzinga in a recent conversation.</p> <h3><strong>Millennials And Pot</strong></h3> <p>On 4/20, the day Americans have designated as ...</p><p><a href= alt=&#039;Get Lit&#039;: Blend&#039;s Data Reveals How Millennials Talk About Weed>Full story available on</a></p> AAPL ACBFF APHQF Blend Canada CANN cannabis cannabis news cannabis oil CBDS CNBX FB Ganja Genies GWPH how to invest in marijuana IIPR invest in marijuana legal marijuana legal marijuana stocks legal weed marijuana marijuana news marijuana stocks Matt Geiger medical cannabis medical marijuana Messaging millennials MJNA pot PRMCF Recreational Marijuana SNAP THC THCBF TRTC trump marijuana TWMJF weed weed stock ZYNE Topics Crowdsourcing Top Stories Exclusives Media Interview General AAPL US0378331005 MJNA US58463A1051 FB TRTC GWPH CANN CBDS TWMJF CNBX ZYNE THCBF ACBFF APHQF PRMCF IIPR SNAP Topics Crowdsourcing Top Stories Exclusives Media Interview General Benzinga Sat, 27 May 2017 23:03:08 +0000 Javier Hasse 9495625 at How Empathy Will Save Brick-And-Mortar Retail <p>The death of brick-and-mortar retail is a well-worn topic. <strong>, Inc.</strong> (NASDAQ: <a class="ticker" href="">AMZN</a>) is <a href="">crushing</a>. Online is the future. Yadda, yadda. But Loup Ventures analyst Andrew Murphy has a different perspective.</p> <p>&ldquo;We don&rsquo;t typically talk about the percentage [of] sales that happen offline, but it&rsquo;s powerful to see how large that market remains,&rdquo; he wrote in a <a href="">Friday note</a>.</p> <p>Offline sales comprised 91.7 percent ($1.1 trillion) of total U.S. retail sales in the fourth quarter of 2016. Web made up the other 8.3 percent ($103 billion).</p> <p>So in-store retail really isn&rsquo;t on its deathbed ━ yet. Murphy proposed that, in the long term, transactions will increasingly migrate online until such sales account for 55 percent of the total, but brick and mortars aren&rsquo;t <a href="">fated to fade</a> entirely.</p> <h3><strong>The Battle Plan</strong></h3> <p>The traditional model maintains an edge in at least one respect: its capacity to foster relationship.</p> <p>&ldquo;Some of your favorite stores probably already leverage these capabilities like retailers of handmade ...</p><p><a href= alt=How Empathy Will Save Brick-And-Mortar Retail>Full story available on</a></p> AI AMZN Analyst Color Andrew Murphy Augmented Reality brick-and-mortar retail Loup Ventures online retail retail virtual reality WMT Psychology Top Stories Analyst Ratings General Real Estate AMZN US0231351067 WMT US9311421039 Analyst Color Psychology Top Stories Analyst Ratings General Real Estate Benzinga Sat, 27 May 2017 22:49:56 +0000 Elizabeth Balboa 9528613 at America First: 9 Of The Country's Favorite Brands Are American <p>President Donald Trump&#39;s America-first pledge may or may not have played a factor in a recent survey among Americans, which found that nine of the top 10 most favorable brands are American.</p> <p>According to a <a href="">Statista</a> report, <b>, Inc.</b> (NASDAQ: <a class="ticker" href="">AMZN</a>) ranked first in a survey overseen by Morning Consult, which surveyed close to 200,000 people to rank their favorite brand among any company in the world.</p> <p>Statista highlighted a quote from Amazon&#39;s <a href="">CEO Jeff Bezos</a> who famously said that one happy customer might tell six friends about their experience. But one unhappy client can reach 6,000 people through ...</p><p><a href= alt=America First: 9 Of The Country&#039;s Favorite Brands Are American>Full story available on</a></p> AMZN Brand Rankings brands CPB FDX GOO GOOG GOOGL HD HSY Jeff Bezos LOW Morning Consult SNE Statista UPS Futures Politics Top Stories Economics Markets Media Trading Ideas General AMZN US0231351067 GOOG US38259P7069 CPB US1344291091 FDX US31428X1063 HD US4370761029 HSY US4278661081 LOW US5486611073 SNE US8356993076 UPS US9113121068 GOO GOOGL US38259P5089 Futures Politics Top Stories Economics Markets Media Trading Ideas General Benzinga Fri, 26 May 2017 19:07:07 +0000 Jayson Derrick 9497869 at Is Manufacturing Heading Toward A Summer Slowdown? <p>The manufacturing sector has been blowing hot and cold in the current economic cycle. From the depths of recession, the sector sees resurgence, only to sink back into the red and then start all over again.</p> <p>Manufacturing, the transformation of raw materials into finished goods to meet customers&#39; specifications and needs, is significantly huge for the United States. Statistically speaking, the U.S. manufacturing sector is the biggest globally, producing 18.2 percent of global goods. This compares to 17.6 percent for China. That said, manufacturing&#39;s share of the total U.S. GDP is 8 percent.</p> <h3> <strong>Significance Of Manufacturing To U.S. Economy</strong></h3> <p>The latest survey by the <a href=""> Labor Department </a> shows the manufacturing sector employed 12.4 million people in <a href=""> April 2017, </a> accounting for roughly 8.5 percent of the people employed in the non-farm sector.</p> <h3> <strong>Manufacturing Trend Post Great Recession</strong></h3> <p>After a sharp plunge during the <a href=""> 2007&ndash;2008 recession </a> and bottoming in the second quarter of 2009, the manufacturing sector staged a steady recovery until the fourth quarter of 2014.</p> <p>Subsequently, manufacturing output flat lined till the third quarter of 2016. Since then, there has been a steady recovery.</p> <p><iframe allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="//;width=670&amp;height=475" style="overflow:hidden; width:670px; height:525px;"></iframe><br /> <em>Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics</em></p> <p>However, the strong offtake seen since the third quarter of 2016 faces the risk of losing steam, if one is to go by the results of a recent regional manufacturing survey for May.</p> <h3> <strong>New York Manufacturing Survey &mdash; Regional But Leading Indicator</strong></h3> <p>Though the New York Federal ...</p><p><a href= alt=Is Manufacturing Heading Toward A Summer Slowdown?>Full story available on</a></p> Bureau of Labor FXR PRN RGI Education Commodities Top Stories Markets General FXR US33734X1506 PRN RGI US78355W8331 Education Commodities Top Stories Markets General Benzinga Fri, 26 May 2017 18:18:50 +0000 Shanthi Rexaline 9506847 at Amazon At $1,000 Is 'Just A Nice Trophy' <p>Shares of <b>, Inc.</b> (NASDAQ: <a class="ticker" href="">AMZN</a>) are trading within striking distance of the $1,000 per share mark and the company&#039;s CEO Jeff Bezos deserves a "trophy," at least according to <A href="">Gene Munster.</a></p> <p>Munster, the ex-Wall Street analyst turned venture capitalist, was a guest on <a href="">CNBC&#039;s "Squawk on the Street" segment</a> on Friday to offer his take on Amazon&#039;s march to $1,000 per share. He was quick to highlight the poor investor sentiment in 2014 when many had little confidence in the company&#039;s ability to generate a profit.</p> <h3><strong>Bezos&#039; Leadership, Amazon&#039;s Moves</strong></h3> <p>Through Bezos&#039; leadership, Amazon won over many ...</p><p><a href= alt=Amazon At $1,000 Is &#039;Just A Nice Trophy&#039;>Full story available on</a></p> Amazon AMZN Analyst Color CNBC CNBC ecommerce Gene Munster Online Commerce Squawk on the Street Top Stories Analyst Ratings Media Trading Ideas AMZN US0231351067 CNBC Analyst Color Top Stories Analyst Ratings Media Trading Ideas Benzinga Fri, 26 May 2017 17:14:01 +0000 Jayson Derrick 9527248 at Why Money Is Flowing Into This Country ETF <p>The <b>Global X MSCI Pakistan ETF</b> (NYSE: <a class="ticker" href="">PAK</a>) is up 8.3 percent year-to-date, a solid performance among the single-country exchange traded funds dedicated to nations classified as frontier markets.</p> <h3><strong>PAK: Purely Pakistan</strong></h3> <p>However, Pakistan will not be a frontier market for long and the country&#39;s widely known and imminent promotion to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index is perhaps one reasons why investors have flocking to PAK and Pakistani stocks.</p> <p>&ldquo;The biggest gains were seen on Tuesday as foreigners bought the most shares in a single day in 2017. This is only the fourth time this year that the country has seen net buyers on its holding. The sentiment remains optimistic and can be directly linked with the country regaining the emerging status on MSCI&rsquo;s index,&rdquo; <a href="">according ...</a></p><p><a href= alt=Why Money Is Flowing Into This Country ETF>Full story available on</a></p> FM Long Ideas msci PAK Pakistan Pakistan ETFs PakWired qatar single-country ETFs UAE United Arab Emirates Emerging Markets Emerging Market ETFs Top Stories Markets Trading Ideas ETFs FM PAK Long Ideas Emerging Markets Emerging Market ETFs Top Stories Markets Trading Ideas ETFs Benzinga Fri, 26 May 2017 16:21:36 +0000 ETF Professor 9524930 at Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin: Why Some Buy And Some Don't <p>Amid the hype of the WannaCry scare, which catalyzed a 43-percent pop in bitcoin value, the <a href="">cryptocurrency </a>is all anyone&rsquo;s talking about.</p> <p>In the last two months, it has more than tripled in price, from $925.20 on March 24 to $2,791.70 May 25. Wednesday&rsquo;s rate was more than double that of April 30 and represented a 447-percent<a href=""> year-over-year gain</a>. At the beginning of 2015, it was trading below $200, and at a present rate of $2,577.32, it&rsquo;s continuing to shatter all-time highs.</p> <p>But even as the bitcoin rockets, some traders are disinclined to engage.</p> <h3><strong>Why Some Won&rsquo;t Buy</strong></h3> <p>Dennis Dick, proprietary trader at Bright Trading LLC and co-host of Benzinga&rsquo;s <a href="">PreMarket Prep radio show</a>, remains skeptical, deterred primarily by uncertainty surrounding valuation and price targeting.</p> <p>&ldquo;How do I sit back and crunch numbers and come up with a fundamental value for bitcoin?&rdquo; he quipped on Thursday&rsquo;s PreMarket Prep. &ldquo;If you have a traditional currency like the Canadian dollar, you can look at trade, you can look at interest rates, you can look at what shape the economy is in to try to get a gauge for if people are going to ...</p><p><a href= alt=Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin: Why Some Buy And Some Don&#039;t>Full story available on</a></p> Analyst Color Bright Trading Dennis Dick INTC Jeff Goldman JPM MSFT PreMarket Prep Education Forex Top Stories Exclusives Markets Analyst Ratings Media Trading Ideas Interview General INTC US4581401001 MSFT US5949181045 JPM US46625H1005 Analyst Color Education Forex Top Stories Exclusives Markets Analyst Ratings Media Trading Ideas Interview General Benzinga Fri, 26 May 2017 15:36:49 +0000 Elizabeth Balboa 9526350 at Want Insight Into Trump Impeachment Odds? Watch GOP Special Elections <p>President Donald Trump has taken fire from critics in recent weeks following his firing of FBI head James Comey. While Democrats and even some Republicans are calling for a <a href=";SECTION=HOME&amp;TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&amp;CTIME=2017-05-18-08-00-56">Trump impeachment</a>, investors are trying to figure out what, if any, impact the recent developments will have on the Republican agenda of <a href="">healthcare reform</a>, tax reform and corporate deregulation.</p> <h3><strong>Special Election Surprises: Maybe Not Wins, But Margins Are Closing</strong></h3> <p>Special elections in five Republican-held districts this year could be the best indicator of whether Trump&rsquo;s antics have shifted public opinion against Republican policies, Height Securities analyst Peter Cohn said. Prior to former President Richard Nixon&rsquo;s departure from office in 1974, Republicans lost special elections in five districts ...</p><p><a href= alt=Want Insight Into Trump Impeachment Odds? Watch GOP Special Elections>Full story available on</a></p> Analyst Color Congress Donald Trump GOP Height Securities James Comey Peter Cohn SPY Futures Politics Top Stories Markets Analyst Ratings Media General SPY US78462F1030 Analyst Color Futures Politics Top Stories Markets Analyst Ratings Media General Benzinga Fri, 26 May 2017 15:23:05 +0000 Wayne Duggan 9526474 at Tesla's Safety Record Called Into Question, And The Market Couldn't Care Less <p><strong>Tesla Inc</strong> (NASDAQ: <a class="ticker" href="">TSLA</a>) shares have rallied over 4 percent since Wednesday, undeterred by a report that elicited concerns about safety issues at its flagship plant in California.</p> <p>The stock gap-opened higher on both these sessions and advanced through the day before ending just shy of the intra-day highs. Nevertheless, the stock is trading off the all-time highs of $325.22 hit on May 10.</p> <h3> <strong>Investors&#39; Darling</strong></h3> <p>The lack of reaction to the negative news is reflective of the bullish predilection of traders toward the <a href="">stock.</a> The hype around the impending launch of the Model 3 mass market car has enamored the stock to investors, who bid them up into unchartered territory.</p> <h3> <strong>Alarming Safety Issues</strong></h3> <p>Even as everything is working in favor of the stock, the report on safety issues cropped up, raising worries whether it would impact the stock. From the looks of what transpired over the two sessions following the release of the report, Tesla is on a stronger footing, immune to the negative tidings.</p> <p>The <a ...</p><p><a href= alt=Tesla&#039;s Safety Record Called Into Question, And The Market Couldn&#039;t Care Less>Full story available on</a></p> Alameda Labor Council Assembly Commitee on Labor and Employment BlueGreen Alliance Josie Camacho Michael Wilson Model 3 Model S Model X TSLA Technicals Travel Top Stories Tech Trading Ideas General TSLA US88160R1014 Technicals Travel Top Stories Tech Trading Ideas General Benzinga Fri, 26 May 2017 13:57:48 +0000 Shanthi Rexaline 9526391 at The Nasdaq Could Do Something It Hasn't Done In 2 Decades <p>The <b>PowerShares QQQ Trust, Series 1 (ETF)</b> (NASDAQ: <a class="ticker" href="">QQQ</a>) and the corresponding index are on track to accomplish something that hasn&#039;t been seen in decades.</p> <p>According to data compiled by Bespoke Investment Group, the <A href="">Nasdaq index</a> closed higher 16 of 19 days in May. The current pace implies the index on track to become the winningest month going back all the way to September 1996.</p> <p>Will the index hold on to break a multi-decade long record or should investors be trimming positions amid the strong gains? This was the focus of discussion on a ...</p><p><a href= alt=The Nasdaq Could Do Something It Hasn&#039;t Done In 2 Decades>Full story available on</a></p> Bespoke Investment Group Boris Schlossberg CNBC NASDAQ Nasdaq Index NDAQ QQQ Trading Nation Futures Top Stories Markets Media NDAQ US6311031081 QQQ US73935A1043 CNBC Futures Top Stories Markets Media Benzinga Fri, 26 May 2017 13:48:30 +0000 Jayson Derrick 9526364 at Detroit Startup Uses Reclaimed Wood To Build Guitars: 'I Want People To Feel Like They're Playing A Cadillac' <p>The reclaimed wood used to build <a href="">Wallace Detroit Guitars</a> &mdash; salvaged from buildings in the Motor City &mdash; dates as far back as the early 1800s.</p> <p>The handmade guitars are therefore being built with the same vintage, slow-growth wood as instruments made in the golden era of the 1920s, said Wallace Detroit Guitars founder Mark Wallace.</p> <p>&ldquo;That wood went into guitars, and my wood went into houses,&rdquo; Wallace said during an interview at <a href="">Architectural Salvage Warehouse</a>, the nonprofit where he sources maple, ash, walnut and pine.</p> <p>&ldquo;There&rsquo;s something fundamentally different about the wood that went into those [vintage] guitars, and that&rsquo;s what I&rsquo;m tapping into.&rdquo;</p> <p>The age of the wood found in historic Detroit buildings means it&rsquo;s stronger than today&rsquo;s commercially available wood and has better acoustic properties, Wallace said.</p> <p>But the wood&rsquo;s origin in Detroit buildings that are headed for demolition or renovation brings unique challenges. The staff at Architectural Salvage Warehouse sometimes use metal detectors to find nails, and dirt, mold and stains must be removed.</p> <p>&ldquo;It&rsquo;s not easy,&rdquo; Wallace said.</p> <p>A Chelsea, Michigan native, Wallace, 40, has played guitar since he was 14. He&rsquo;s played in bands such as The Wallace Brothers and Black Jake and The Carnies. During the day, he&rsquo;s the CEO of the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy.</p> <p><em>See Also: <a href="">Detroit ...</a></em></p><p><a href= alt=Detroit Startup Uses Reclaimed Wood To Build Guitars: &#039;I Want People To Feel Like They&#039;re Playing A Cadillac&#039;>Full story available on</a></p> Architectural Salvage Warehouse Detroit Wallace Detroit Guitars Top Stories Startups Small Business Exclusives Interview Top Stories Startups Small Business Exclusives Interview Benzinga Fri, 26 May 2017 13:34:26 +0000 Dustin Blitchok 9501588 at Pleasant Surprises With This Tech ETF <p>This is perhaps a riddle wrapped in an enigma: With large-cap stocks, such as<b> Apple Inc. </b>(NASDAQ: <a class="ticker" href="">AAPL</a>) and Google parent<b> Alphabet Inc. </b>(NASDAQ: <a class="ticker" href="">GOOG</a>) (NASDAQ: <a class="ticker" href="">GOOGL</a>) leading the technology sector higher, how does an exchange-traded fund with little exposure to large-cap tech titans deliver decent returns?</p> <h3><strong>Explaining The Complex Matter</strong></h3> <p>The <b>Guggenheim S&amp;P 500 Equal Weight Technology ETF</b> (NYSE: <a class="ticker" href="">RYT</a>) proves it is possible for a tech ETF to perform nicely even without big exposure to the largest, sexiest members of the S&amp;P 500&#39;s largest sector weight. RYT is up 17.7 percent year to date, a performance that puts it ahead of some rival cap-weighted technology ETF. Plus, RYT was one of just over 160 ETFs to hit a record high on Thursday.</p> <p>RYT follows the S&amp;P ...</p><p><a href= alt=Pleasant Surprises With This Tech ETF>Full story available on</a></p> AAPL FB GOOG GOOGL Long Ideas MSFT RYT S&P 500 Equal Weight Information Technology Index Sector ETFs Top Stories Markets Tech Trading Ideas ETFs RYT US78355W8174 AAPL US0378331005 GOOG US38259P7069 MSFT US5949181045 FB GOOGL US38259P5089 Long Ideas Sector ETFs Top Stories Markets Tech Trading Ideas ETFs Benzinga Fri, 26 May 2017 13:28:01 +0000 ETF Professor 9524925 at The Market In 5 Minutes <h3> IN THE NEWS</h3> <p><strong>BENZINGA</strong></p> <p>The disruption of retail is in a revolutionary stage, with traditional retail&#39;s presence and influence dwindling by the day: <a href="">Link</a></p> <p>On May 25, 1931, the New York Stock Exchange delivered its first public report on the total number of shares sold short to that day, as well as that amount as a percentage of the total equity available on the market -- the short interest: <a href="">Link</a></p> <p>With Memorial Day ushering in the unofficial beginning of summer, gas prices are set to rise. The peak summer driving season is typically a period when gas prices see an uptick due to the increase in demand: <a href="">Link</a></p> <p><strong>THE WALL STREET JOURNAL</strong></p> <p>The New York Stock Exchange is seeking to change its listing standards as it vies for Spotify AB and other hot startups that are considering an unusual tactic called a direct listing: <a href="*VQS5sw7rkdVBW3Y8QXx5mmTtG0/*W6BbqxW2v3FZnW5Q5B6R4y2v2t0/5/f18dQhb0S65M6_cXMJT_z972vrBfBN4-SryFvBNFBW7LFKl05XLZhRW5TkG3p3p6pHyW2g41Kh6YRpw5W7Bs2m178_xr7W79sPd11QmQz9W56kDPG4V1tP7W3wjRHL8SmyTHW8DlTw267XV9tW3XQS9q3S74GsW3r1Ps14y7RcWW31m91Y9b334SN6cF-72D4sDMW1VDZGH19bRJHW5m5p1x3n2NvWW5j73tx11fnb4W4bWZ_k47QsSlW1x-8rv28MQFHW3HHYD03_SdbjW6zrbD67yZCGLW655fZ67ZkVD1W7t1xP84vvv88VVx3_C6B8kN1W2FMV1p7MHr0XW6MG-3r7kkyhBW69KNll1jd01qW1vgD4S3TcCn_W6kv3X42wTWhDW3fm6cv1CzFFmW3j3hDd2SrbzMW1F3M1B6Rr9kMW2rC9583tj6VJVrrWwc1Gtbq6N8lJ18DJjc6gW7s2dPG5kgDfMW7pQXTt6fzmNpW9l-nJf6rTd4ZW4-VJ2T8G0Mc5N5VNbnRywl_hW5MMtCw6XV1klVH6Tfk1r3PmwW4m9p894dCB_nW11WQFF588sqcW6KR35f4gTlnj0">Link</a></p> <p>Big companies are giving up on the stock split, once ...</p><p><a href= alt=The Market In 5 Minutes>Full story available on</a></p> AMZN BZH ECL GWW INFN JKS Market in 5 minutes NCLH News Global Top Stories Pre-Market Outlook Markets AMZN US0231351067 INFN US45667G1031 BZH US07556Q1058 ECL US2788651006 GWW US3848021040 JKS US47759T1007 NCLH News Global Top Stories Pre-Market Outlook Markets Benzinga Fri, 26 May 2017 13:00:47 +0000 Benzinga News Desk 9525970 at Yesterday And Today, Some People Can't Stand 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' <p>It was once tragically hip to abhor The Beatles&rsquo; &ldquo;Sgt. Pepper&rsquo;s Lonely Hearts Club Band.&rdquo; It&rsquo;s even hipper today to still hate it.</p> <p>It was 50 years ago on June 1 (to join the rest of the world in paraphrasing the record&rsquo;s signature lyric) that the lads from Liverpool released their textured tour of 1960s psychedelia, an album almost universally saluted as among the most influential in the history of pop music.</p> <p>But back in 1967, just as today, some critics didn&rsquo;t much care for the songs.</p> <p>&lsquo;&ldquo;Sgt. Pepper&rsquo;s Lonely Hearts Club Band&rsquo; is the Beatles&#39; worst album,&rdquo; writes Mikael Wood, pop music critic for the <a href="">Los Angeles Times</a>.</p> <p>&ldquo;I&rsquo;m not saying it&rsquo;s a bad record; I&rsquo;m merely pointing out that the most impactful rock band in history made better ones &mdash; some catchier, some weirder, some more energetic, ...</p><p><a href= alt=Yesterday And Today, Some People Can&#039;t Stand &#039;Sgt. Pepper&#039;s Lonely Hearts Club Band&#039;>Full story available on</a></p> Keith Richards Los Angeles Times News Rolling Stone Sgt. Pepper Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club The Beatles Education Psychology Events Top Stories General News Education Psychology Events Top Stories General Benzinga Fri, 26 May 2017 11:51:53 +0000 Mark Fritz 9519986 at The Boxer And The CEO: A Detroit Love Story <p>She&#39;s a lifelong factory worker who now runs her own auto-supply business and spends half her time in China. He&#39;s a former professional boxer who is content raising their three kids.</p> <p>Mary and Scotty Buchzeiger are a power couple who spent years figuring out how to make their unorthodox marriage work.</p> <p>&ldquo;We understand each other. We don&rsquo;t try to change each other,&rdquo; said Scotty, a scrappy junior lightweight who retired with a record of 13-12-1, with nine knockouts.</p> <p>&ldquo;I gotta tell you something about my husband, when he puts his mind to something, he just does it. He&rsquo;s got willpower,&rdquo; said Mary, CEO of <a href="">Lucerne International</a> of Auburn Hills, Michigan, which provides cast, stamped and forged components and assemblies to <strong>General Motors Company</strong> (NYSE: <a class="ticker" href="">GM</a>), <strong>Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV</strong> (NYSE: <a class="ticker" href="">FCAU</a>), BMW and the heavy trucking industry.</p> <p>It wasn&#39;t always so rosy.</p> <h3> <strong>Growing Up In The Auto Industry</strong></h3> <p>Mary, the daughter of a GM executive, had factory jobs growing up and was expected to work. Her father started Lucerne in 1993 and Mary went to work there. It was her idea to move manufacturing to China.</p> <p>&ldquo;We were barreling along, a million or two a shot [per year],&rdquo; she said. &ldquo;Now we&rsquo;re about $32 million in sales.&rdquo;</p> <p>She took over operations in 2006 and bought out her father in 2015. &ldquo;It&rsquo;s all mine now,&rdquo; she said.</p> <p>She employs 34 people in Michigan and another 16 through her joint ventures in Asia.</p> <p>Her work is all over the road. The trademark door hinges on the Jeep Wrangler? &ldquo;I actually make every one of those door hinges,&rdquo; she said.</p> <p>&ldquo;We make the battery tray for the Chevy Volt. We make 600-pound axle housings for heavy trucks.&rdquo;</p> <p>She ...</p><p><a href= alt=The Boxer And The CEO: A Detroit Love Story>Full story available on</a></p> Chevy Volt China Detroit FCAU Galaxy Boxing Gym GM James Toney Kronk Gym Lucerne International Mary Buchzeiger Scotty Buchzeiger Entrepreneurship Sports Top Stories Success Stories Exclusives Interview General GM US37045V1008 FCAU Entrepreneurship Sports Top Stories Success Stories Exclusives Interview General Benzinga Thu, 25 May 2017 19:05:45 +0000 Mark Fritz 9501553 at