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Benzinga's content is available in digital, print, broadcast and cable media worldwide.
Benzinga also offers professional services and products to a variety of financial institutions.

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Bringing Benzinga's unique content to your company.

Benzinga is a financial media outlet with a massive content generating staff that collaborates
with our news desk. Together, they provide in-depth reports and analysis on fundamental
data across the globe.

Your publication can take advantage of our uniquely written editorial content through our
syndication program.

As a syndicate partner you are able to access as much of our content as needed. We also
will work with you to provide original content at preferred rates. As a partner you will have the
opportunity to receive the following benefits:

• Insightful commentary
• Actionable trading ideas
• Real-times news feed
• Exclusive interviews with top market movers
• Breaking market-moving rumors

What Makes Benzinga Different?

Benzinga also creates trading ideas from the information that we receive. We have writers
globally that provide the most relevant breaking news.

We strive to maintain excellence in our writing while also providing a unique outlook on real-
time news.

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