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Rhodiola Rosea Could Extend Our Lives


(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 02, 2013 ) San Francisco, CA -- University of California-Irvine researchers say a stubby plant from the permafrost lands of Siberia could help humans live better and longer lives. In a study, they fed fruit flies extracts of Golden Root, or Rhodiola rosea, and found that that those flies that consumed it lived 24 percent longer than their otherwise healthy peers.

The study comes as scientists are beginning to study herbs for the use of medicinal qualities, as physicians are becoming more open to the idea of using herbal and natural remedies to treat their patients. Now, they just need the science to back it up.

The studys lead investigator, Mahtab Jafari, said Rhodiola rosea could potentially help humans, healthy or not, live longer. While theyve only seen the effect in flies, worms and year, nothing has been observed like this before from plants, and humans share 75 percent of disease genes with fruit flies.

Today, drugs are designed to fix something thats broken, but Rhodiola rosea could help people of all weights and health levels. Herbalists have used been using the plant for years to treat seasonal depression that is very common where it found, across the Altai Mountains into Mongolia and northern China, where its used in salads or brewed into tea.

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