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Ajjls Announces Yorkie Puppies Web-Camera Now On All Day



("> – January 22, 2013) – Columbus, OH. Clients are using this Live Web-Camera feature very often to choose their new Yorkie Puppy. Also, many people who have already reserved their new puppy, are able to view keeping their puppies' daily activities. We are now keeping the Live Web-Camera on all day long. At least until they need to be tucked into their cribs for the night, so they can get renewed for another fun day of being a puppy. This is a fun and interesting way to enjoy watching the Yorkie Puppies grow, learn and play! Simply click the arrow and wait for the short u-stream commercial to end and you will see the puppies! If you want to view a particular puppy, just give us a call and we can arrange that for you.

There are currently eight adorable male puppies that Ajjls is tending to and hoping to sell. Ajjls has three newborn Yorkie litters and eight more coming. Ajjls also has a Maltese litter with two more coming as well. Ajjls is in big need of finding these beautiful puppies a home, sooner rather than later.

We hope after you view our" target="_blank" title="Yorkie puppies web-camera">Yorkie puppies web-camera, that you will consider welcoming one of our lovely Yorkie puppies and Teacup Yorkies into your home. Every one of our Yorkie puppies is looking for a new home. They will be a wonderful addition in your life, so please welcome a Yorkshire terrier into your life today.

View our" target="_blank" title="web camera of the Yorkie puppies"> web-camera of the Yorkie puppies" target="_blank" title="web-camera of the Yorkie puppies"> and see our pups live and in action right now! 

About AJJLS Yorkies

Ajjls Yorkies is a proud AKC Yorkie Breeders of high quality and top-of-the-line Yorkie puppies for sale.  We provide beautiful, affectionate, playful and enchanting Yorkshire puppies to our clients with health guaranteed. We guarantee that our customers will never have to be faced with limitations based on where they live because we are the Yorkie puppy breeders who offer personal delivery of our precious Yorkie puppies across the nation. We ensure that each one of our puppies is placed in a caring, loving home. When purchasing an adorable puppy from Ajjls Yorkies, you will receive a joyful pup that comes from well-respected championship bloodlines, a written health guaranteed, and up-to-date medical exams and procedures. We are treat our puppies with the utmost love and respect, and hope to provide them with a loving, nurturing home.


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