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Artistic Mixology Winning Over Restaurants and Customers reports Somers Elite Training


(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 09, 2012 ) Victoria, Australia- One might ask ones self, when is a cocktail with $20? Even $12 can seem a bit steep for a cocktail in most parts of the country.

The answer is likely to be when a bartender is willing to go beyond the minimal pleasantries of whatll ya have, and says, Tell me what kinds of things you like. When a bartender wants to know if you like smokiness, berry-flavor, a ginger kick, foaminess or bubbliness in your drink, you are much more likely to have a drink that is made just for you and your interest.

It could be the blowtorch toasting the coffee beans over orange rinds, to infuse an aroma into your rum drink. It could be a backstory that adds pizzazz and worth do you drink.

The new style of drinks created by bartenders is Artisanal cocktails. The artform is called Craft bartending. The movement is exceptionally personalized to the bartender and his/her skills possessed. The trend is taking control nationally.

The movement is thanks to a small community of bartenders in Tampa called the Left Coast Bartenders Guild. The group signed up with the United States Bartenders Guild, that assists in training, holding conferences and contests as well.

"America for a long time was a center of creativity in bartending," said Dean Hurst, director of spirits of Bern's Steak House, and president of the Left Coast Bartenders' Guild "Left" being a reference to the west coast of Florida. A combination of prohibition, and then mass production and cookie-cutter formulas helped devalue bartending into a commodity process. "We're trying to re-discover that art."

On December 2nd, the LCG will host a Repeal Day party to commemorate the ending of Prohibition. This is the third party held by the organization. Tickets are $75 apiece.

Some of the bartenders take their work severely seriously. It is more of an art form than a simple pastime or job. They take the craft far beyond the tonic and vodka, or rum with a splash of soda in it.

Artisans like Hurst go the extra mile for every detail. Hurst does not buy cherries from a store. Instead, he goes to a local market and picks out cherries he then de-pits by hand, and soaks them in a jar of liquor for a full year, maybe two. You need to eat the cherry, Hurst said. Its something else.

There is a trend of artisans creating new concepts through cultural influence all over the country. The artisans are hoping that their work can help enhance the enjoyment of many individuals who seek more than a simple buzz during their meals and getaways.

Restaurants are starting to note the value of having such quality mixologists at their establishments. The high quality and personalized touch of the artisans is clearly winning over fans across the United States.

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