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(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 02, 2012 ) London, UK -- UK Physics offers information for people interested in physics as well as those who are wondering, What is Physics?

Many people are interested in physics but are overwhelmed by the amount of information available online and in the book stores. This is why the blog offers people a lot of information in easily understandable articles. The site offers everything from a Short Introduction in Physics to more detailed information about magnetism.

Physics - the ''Architect'' of the Universe - Physics Education at

The truth is that physics is easy, you just have to look close at it and think in very simple terms, says Andra Muntean, the Spokesperson and creator of the site. She makes a point of showing that there are many things that can be learned from this field, and lots of them are interesting to people who don't care for science.

On the page about Nuclear and Molecular physics on the blog, Elena discusses everything from how atoms are formed to who discovered them, as well as details about nuclear bombs. This is part of what makes the website so invaluable, as it includes many types of information to help students understand these topics.

The website is versatile, informative, and easy to navigate. Anybody wondering about electricity generation can benefit from the page on electricity and magnetism. This is a good thing to be aware of with the coming energy crisis. Almost every person can find something to learn on the UK Physics website.

The website offers information about all of these fields, as well as atomic physics. By breaking things down into smaller and more understandable parts, as well as speaking in simple terms, Andra helps spark interest in youth and adults alike. People can learn about the things they have been curious about, while not getting a headache.

For people interested in learning more about simple electricity or nuclear physics, the website can be very useful. Articles are broken into categories and contain many types of information. There are factual accounts of history, as well as useful modern examples of each idea to help it sink in.

Whether a person is wondering What is Electricity?, or trying to learn the finer details of molecular structure and electrons, they can gain a useful understanding of these topics from the UK Physics website. Students can also use it as a valuable resource to supplement their current studies.


Andra-Elena is an early stage researcher at Queens University Belfast and Ph.D Student at Queens University. Her site provides articles about experiments and problems that cross the boundary between different topics of physics at
Website Spokesperson :
Andra E. Muntean

Andra E. Muntean


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